How do you talk to the dead

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There is no proven way to talk to the dead. Some psychics say they can help communicate with the dead. MORE? ChaCha with us soon! [ Source: ]
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God clearly commands that we not do it ..dis obey a command of god on something he calls an abomination and that person will suffer greatly …Why ? because he will turn you over to it and let demons beat on you and desrtoy you mentally spi…
Watching James Van Praagh work a crowd or do a one-on-one reading is an educational experience in human psychology. Make no mistake about it, this is one clever man. We skeptics may see him as morally reprehensible at best, but we should no…
Hello and welcome to Just Answer ! Talking to the dead, requires a psychic. Someone who has a talent to channeling spirits There are some that has that talent naturally and others who study it, and through teachings of these type of people …

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On Samhain if you can talk to the dead, does that include dead animals?
Q: Is it possible to talk to dead animals? If so how?
A: I wouldn’t say you’ll be able to talk to your pet that has passed. However you may feel closer to them on this night. Since the veil between the land of the living and dead is at it’s thinest. Hope you have a Blessed Samhain.
I’d like to know the name of the song/instr.It comes out in Class Act movie.Were they talk about dead flowers?
Q: I think it is just the instrumental but the scene is were blade is talking to the girl from fresh prince in the gazebo. They talk about the dead flower. Just want to know the name of the song. Cant find it in the credits.
A: “Libera Me – Funeral Responsory”Performed by Schola HungaricaConducted by Szendrei and DobszayCourtesy of Hungaroton
How do you effectively talk to the dead?
Q: I have tried to talk to the dead before but it’s never worked…
A: Is it that you have tried and measure your success upon being answered, or is it neither of the above? You talk, they listen. Many families, such as mine, set up family altars honoring the ancestors. Just because you can audibly speak, do not assume they will answer you in the same fashion. But in proper respects, they will answer..
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