How do you use mind control on other people

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You use mind control on others to get them to do things for you,or things you want. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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I don’t see any difference between any of it. New World Order = Communism = Capitalism = Nazism = Secret Societies. The Ku Klux Klan, Nazism, and White Nationalism is controlled by the New World Order crowd. What is this witchcraft that y…
Are you saying you were using your mind to control people??
Not that I was using my mind to control people. If I go for a meeting now, I will visualise the meeting, I will see what the meeting will look like before I go in for that meeting. Like coming to this place, I will visualise the person I’m …
Is christianity really a religion of love when it uses fear and g…?
The Bible is a collection of “books” written by different people over a long period of time. The problem is when a religion takes something like that and declares it “the WORD OF GOD” as if it is some kind of unerring, p…

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Can other people control your mind?
Q: My friend believes that other people can control his mind via the use of direct telepathic communication.
A: Believing other people can control your mind is a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia, a seriously debilitating mental disorder in which the subject loses their grasp with reality. However, it sounds more like your friend wants attention for his ridiculous belief. Telepathy, telekinesis, and other forms of mind manipulation are considered a joke among the academic community, nobody has ever stepped forward who could prove it under scientific conditions so its about as credible as vampires are boogy men.
Why do people try to control other ppl mind?
Q: and emotions, and if someone is to do that to them, how would they feel? Do ppl get a satisfactory of controlling someone else’s mind is it a rush or high for them.
A: People that do that most likely don’t like there life or just like yours better and to mess it up for you. A other reason is because they are control freaks. It might sound mean but it is real and alot of people have it. Alot of people cant help it and try to stop but just cant. Or maybe its because of how they were tought something they saw in there life time that in voled a relative. Any of those things could be the reason why. But the most likely reason why is because there and a hole that has no life so has to mess up someone elses happy life. Best thing to do is just ignore them and don’t lisson.
How do I hypnotize the other people? To brain-wash them? To mind-control them? To make them obey my command?
Q: Could I hypnotize myself? Self-hypnotize? To brain-wash myself? To mind-control myself? To make me obey my own command?
A: Gear up your will power, learn to meditate & concentrate, be God fearing & positive in life, then you can.Please see the site on hypnosis below.It will help you. It did help me overcome my dypression problem which even the neuro surgeons & psychastrics could set it for good purpose.
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