How does a person raise their self esteem

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Pay attention to your own needs and wants. Listen to what your body, your mind, and your heart are telling you. If your body MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to raise self-esteem?
I guarantee it, you’re beautiful. I absolutely guarantee there are hundreds of guys who would love to date you. Really. Now, and I meant what I wrote above, let me address self-esteem and confidence. First, there’s nothing wrong about being…
Does this raise your self esteem?
The fat kid setting the table scares me a little.
What is the best way to raise your self-esteem?
Do something worthwhile, preferably something that’s not self-serving. Give what you can to a food bank. A hundred bucks or a can of beans, whatever you can give with a cheerful heart. Better yet, volunteer there. You’ll get the double dose…

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How can a person raise their self esteem? How can they become more confident?
A: Don’t listen to the answer above mine. It’s dumb. People that smile are probably smiling because they’re happy duh. I had pretty low self esteem but I fixed it boy oh boy. First of all, don’t care what other people think. If you carewhat people think you’ll come off as unconfident. Treat everything in a plentiful amount. What I mean is don’t fret about stupid stuff. Say you loose your watch. There’s plenty of watches around. When you’re feeling low on self esteem from say being made fun of…instead of taking no action take action and speak for yourself. The worst thing to do in any situation is to take no action. This will not help you at all. Taking action will gain your confidence and build your character more. Say you get rejected by a girl, don’t care since there are plenty of girls and take evasive action and go talk to like five more girls.Don’t talk negative to yourself….say you do loose your watch and all you do is think “i’m gonna die” ahundred times. That’s like loosing a watch a hundred times. Think positively about everything and when you feel that feeling like you feel like crap…insteadof thinking negatively think assertively and in a positive manner.
What are some way in which to raise your self-esteem?
Q: Also what can you expect when a person has high self-esteem. Is having a high self-esteem the beginning of becomeing a successful individual? What does low self esteem do to a person and vice versa?
A: Matthew…good question.I offer an entire section of information about the issue of self esteem at this url: think it can help you with your question. BTW there is no cost, it is information offered as part of my online counseling practice.Hope this helps
How do you raise self esteem?
Q: I have very low self esteem :(No matter how many times someone tries to make me feel better it never worksI just feel like the ugliest person on earth, and i hate feeling that way :(I’ve tried to change myself a little bit, like get my hair cut and stuff but it didn’t help me at alli avoid mirrors and reflections and stuff. I just don’t know how to feel better about myself :(any tips??thanks everyone <3
A: awww, the truth is, having really nice clothes and a great haircut and what not may give you a boost but the truth is it is only temporarily. All i can say is this is a struggle among most girls including myself. I think working on having a beautiful heart helps raise self-esteem personally because if you are happy in the inside and you enjoy doing things that are good for others then the rest of you will just glow( plus when you see what other people are going through then it makes your problems seem smaller). You are beautiful in your own way and i guess just learn to accept who you are and how your made. Only YOU can make yourself truly feel better 😀
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