How does one soul search

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Soul searching is a penetrating examination of ur own beliefs & motives. Some make a list of goals, wants, & how to achieve them. [ Source: ]
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How do i soul search?
What soul search? When it the ATM is just ” Out of service” That keep on whirring And read ” It does not compute” Why not reload the data bank first. Download it with good reading books vital for daily needs. In one new…
What is soul searching?
it is when you search your conscience and either deny or accept God.
Do you soul search , pray, or seriously listen to your conscience…?
While there should be an element of one consulting their inner voice, higher power, or whatever they like on such decisions the bulk of the decision should be made based on INTELLIGENT RESEARCH! I will vote Obama not because he makes me fee…

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How does one search his own soul?
Q: I am at a point in my life where I dont know how to believe in myself. i’ve never really had any guidance growing up from either my mom or dad. Now I feel i have become lost within my own grasps of reality. How do I search within my own soul, how do i search within the depths of my own heart? Meditation? prayers? Any advice would be helpful if spiritual or not. I really.. . dont know where to go with myself
A: You have now come to it, if not before this time. But we can assess that you had already. For look herein, which I here quote you: — “i’ve never really had any guidance growing up from either my mom or dad. Now I feel i have become lost within my own grasps of reality.” Ah, great one. Therein lies the ticket. Your mission is to look to your own guidance, and this is an admirable assignment to have. Now, we can say this. Many are there indeed who did not and do not bear the conference of having parental guidance through the mazes of life. And this can be a daunting thing. And many are there, too, who have survived and do somewhat prosper, which is to say that they have not fallen to insanity, who come to realize that few are there who can say that he or she grew up in the “ideal” family condition.Now, it is this. There are just some who have undergone this but who are selected out to embark upon a different path, one which takes in the realms unseen and unheard, and who must master the weft and warp of life itself. And there must be these kind. Without these gallant if alone ones, there can live no persons who could enjoy the company of others, who are more likely to become known. Your example and theirs are just as essential, for there must always be for any given situation and force, a foil. And so in reality, what you feel to be your loss is in fact your gain. You cannot have the light in you if at first you do not well possess the dark in you as well. Know that you have light and clarity, however. Now, here is that foil that I speak to: the ‘absence’ of light depends on ‘light’ to show the absence of light. Rest assured, however, while we are here — in this, the material plane — there shall always be this interchange, else nothing can proceed. There simply must exist antagonisms. Opposites must be. And so for now, this opposition takes the form of unclarity in you. But it had as easily display with fine acuity. These phenomena come and they go — a fickle thing it is. Know that deep to you, there is no bother with these opposites but are just there for the now to apprise you that you are to become adept at them so that you can wield of these dilemmas later on behalf of others in order to help ‘them’.And so you are now assigned to a great laboratory of sorts. But fear not, you ‘shall’ come to master it. You have for now the feeling of loss on the outer because there exists great gains ensuing on the inner. See what I mean? There must be these antagonism ever at work, else the universes do not proceed in their mighty ways. This is but the law of the (lower) universes, which are realms of duality.Therefore, your mission is to go inside first. The outer exploits will come in time once the force that drives the cycle you are now in have dissipated due to having reached certain balance.How does one reach balance, you might ask? Well, simply by undergoing the laboratory of imbalances. One way to proceed with this is to strike out and into the active, pragmatic world, not so much the reflective, but rather an outer world. This helps neutralize the surges going on within. Say, this ‘grounds’ the circuit and in so doing takes the theoretical and solidifies it into the practical.We often find that one who is faced with this sort of thing is too much in the head, when they should be acting with hands and feet. That is your mission — how to crystallize the theoretical, make it plain and with as much surety as is the solidity of Quincy granite.I stop here but not without at last saying, the place to go — just for now — is to do as the regular Joe does. ‘Just for now. We measure ourselves best by creating and providing the outer experiences with which to measure it. And this I say. Your dilemma is well-appointed, an imperative but a temporal classroom meant to drive home certain points, certain teachings. You and your exchanges with the world, with people, are the lessons needing learned. That’s all.I will leave off here.
How does one soul search themself?
A: Meditation… self observation.
What does it mean to search your soul?
Q: What does it mean to search your soul/soulsearching?What is the meaning please?
A: examination of your conscience
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