How is the IQ test measured

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The test assesses your performance in 13 different areas of intelligence, revealing your key cognizant strengths and weaknesses. [ Source: ]
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What do IQ tests measure?
IQ tests don’t tap into all, or even most, areas of intelligence. In fact, critics argue that the skills that are measured are so narrow, so limited when compared to the broad range of human abilities and talents that are important for succ…
Do IQ tests measure intelligence?
IQ tests assume that intelligence is one thing that can be easily measured and put on a scale, rather than a variety of abilities. They also assume intelligence is fixed and permanent. However, psychologists cannot agree whether there is on…
How Does A Simple IQ Test Measure The Complex Human Intelligence??
Intelligence is a little understood concept like love. While we all know intuitively if a person is intelligent or not, yet it is very difficult to define intelligence in precise words. A distinguished panel of experts defined intelligence …

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What does the IQ test specifically measures?
Q: Please, don’t say the IQ test measure intelligence because from my understanding, there are different forms of intelligences, from social to political to economic to mathematics. For instance, someone in your school may have a high GPA even though he or she is unable to figure out of to get a girlfriend and friends whereas the stupidest person in your school has a lot of girlfriends and friends: It’s simple to him or her.
A: Depending on the purpose and design of the test, I would say that the only thing that an IQ test reliably measures is how comfortable a person is taking tests. As you said, there are different types of IQ. Some tests are geared toward spatial intelligence, others toward logical skills, still others to basic knowledge in a given field, and so on.
Do you really think that the IQ test measures your intelligance?
Q: I don’t think so. If you get a good score on the IQ test, then that is good, if not, then that does not mean you are dumb. I have heard of many people who are smart but don’t test very well. I have heard many people who have scored genius on the IQ test say it really never measures your intelligance. So what do you think?As for me, I have taken the IQ test many times and recently I scored a 128. I do admit I type to fast and that is why there are some spelling errors in my question. Even I admit the IQ test never properly measures intelligence. I have heard some people score average to below and yet turn out to be highly intelligant. So even if I scored near genius level, I am not perfect at everything. I am gifted with literature, history, science, psychology, computers. I am also gifted with math, but since I am not as interested in math as in the other subjects mentioned above, I don’t do as well with math but I am still gifted in that area.
A: There really isn’t a single “thing” that we can label intelligence; everyone has intelligence in certain areas or for certain subjects, but all an IQ test really measures is how well someone does on an IQ test. Stephen Jay Gould (a well known, but recently deceased, evolutionary biologist) wrote an excellent book called “The Mismeasure of Man” which to explain how silly and damaging these sorts of tests can be.As an addendum in response to one of the other answers: Gould’s book explains that the standard IQ tests are NOT designed “scientifically”, and goes into a great deal of explanation as to why. There’s a lot of “bogus” or “voodoo” science around, especially in psychology, and the IQ test belongs firmly in that category. It’s about as scientific as the personality questionnaires in gossip magazines.
How do I go about taking a real IQ test?
Q: I just took an IQ test online just for fun, and it’s telling me my IQ is 133. While that would be wonderful, I don’t quite take these results seriously. Also, how would an actual IQ test measure intelligence without measuring knowledge? Intelligence is the person’s ability to learn, NOT their current level of knowledge.
A: You can take an IQ test at a college or university’s counseling center near you. IQ tests can be helpful as vocational guides and that’s why they offer them. Online IQ tests aren’t very helpful at all, since they are not normed to the population and are often just for entertainment. It is possible to construct test questions, using a method called factor analysis, to test fundamental ability without depending on knowledge. There are even culture-free tests which are helpful for some people who come from sub-cultures and don’t test well on mainstream tests.
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