How long are peoples dreams

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Dreams occur during REM sleep and an episode of REM sleep may last 5 minutes or over an hour. It varies considerably. [ Source: ]
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What does it mean when you dream about dead people? Sorry but my …?
Most dream interpretation sources will tell you basics of your dreams. Death actually symbolizes new beginnings with crowds representing something in your life that causes anxiety.
Is it normal to dream about other people (sexually) if your alrea…?
Yeah, dreams are dreams, unless you find that you’re sexually aroused to this person in real life.That might be a red flag. but if not don’t worry about it. People have sexual dreams about other people all the time, most of the time celebri…
Long Time, No See: Why We Dream of People from Our Past?–no-see–dream
The Unconscious Mind Never Sleeps Sigmund Freud’s pioneering theory of the dream mechanism is still the best one out there. Not only did Freud argue that sane people’s dreams are as significant as those of people with mental illnesses, but …

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do you have dreams every night and are they long and detailed?
Q: I have long complicated dreams every night and was wondering if other people do too. can you also tell me if you are male or female. Id like to know if men dream as much as women?
A: I sometimes have long complicated dreams, other times very short simple ones. I think when there are a lot of things to work out in life, we have complicated ones. I am female.SB
I have vivid dreams all night long most people I know dont remember their dreams. Is it normal to dream so muc
A: yea i have the wierdest dreams lol i uasually always remember my dreamz
In dreams,why do people you’ve know long ago & had not much connection with them, appear?
Q: In my dreams people appear that I was only casually associated with, and also school mates of 45 years ago. Haven’t seen or heard from the people in ages. Also, simple events occur, like going to a neighborhood convenience, also about 40 years ago. Why?
A: Early memories are strong memories, and when we dream, our brain draws upon past memories. Many people who can’t remember what they did yesterday can remember what they did in the second grade. That includes me.
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