How long does short-term memory last

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Short term memory can last for as little as 30 seconds and as long as about one day. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How can I improve my short term memory?
Improving your short term memory is not a one day task, just like you train your muscles to better fitness you should train your brain for better short term memory. I have improved my short term memory by playing certain games which has bee…
How long does short term memory loss last?
it last depending upon your stupidity level
How Long Does a Short-Term Memory Trace Last??
And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth

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How long does short term memory last after a concussion?
Q: my friend was in a bad motorcycle accident about a week ago. his short term memory is still shot, and still gets nauseas.
A: This may not be the answer you were looking for, but short term memory problems (or attention disorders, same thing) can last for a very long time, depending on the accident. Most people see a vast improvement in the first couple of months, but after that recovery tapers off a bit. They are still getting better, but unfortunately at a much slower rate. It is really important that your friend see a neuropsychologist who can asses his injury and figure out exactly what is wrong as well as make recommendations for appropriate treatment. Unfortunately attention disorders are one of the most common problems from concussions and often times patients need medication for a little while to help their brain recover (although not everybody needs this). Your friend needs to see a specialist (neuropsychologist) so the doctor can figure out exactly the right thing for them. I wish your friend the best with his recovery.
My spouse had craniotomy (mth ago)to remove a colloid cyst. How long will short term memory loss last?
Q: Any suggestions on helping to regain short term memory?
A: Memory loss can be as short term as a few days, or it can last forever. The best way to recover is to use your the brain as much as possible. Things like puzzles, word finds, crossword puzzles, trivia, games and anything that makes the mind work. The brain is pretty resilient and if it can it will heal itself or find a way to work around whatever wrong. The older you are the longer it can take for the brain to correct itself.
how long does a cat’s memory last?
Q: how long does a cat’s long term and short term memory last?is it anywhere near a humans memory span?would the type of breed affect the cat’s memory? my cat moe II is mainly a grey and black striped mackrel tabby
A: Sorry, there’s no easy answer for this. Each cat is an individual, so memory varies. And like people, as cats age the memory tends to fade a bit.Certainly, the stronger the impression made upon the cat at the time, and the longer he’s lived with the person, the more lasting the memory will be. Cats that are closely bonded with their people and have strong emotional ties appear to remember these special people for a long time. There have been joyous reunions years after the separation, where the cat shows every sign he remembers the person from his past.This close bond and long memory can be a problem when a separation is necessary, because some cats become despondent and don’t want to eat when removed from the person they love. This tends to be more of a problem in older cats that have spent years with a particular person—more youthful cats may be a bit more flexible.As with any change in a cat’s life, patience and gradual introduction of anything new is key. It can help to take along an article of clothing handled by the former owner so Kitty has a scented security blanket to soothe him. With gentle consideration and time, most cats learn to adjust and pledge allegiance—many even learn to love—the new special human in their life. These “second-chance cats” seem to appreciate the bonding experience even more, perhaps sensing how fragile and precious it can be. Hope that helped, good luck and have a nice day (:
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