How many decisions does the average person make a day

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It has been estimated that most persons make as many as 1,000 decisions per day. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many choices does the average person make in a day??
It might be easier to break it down into managable sections of time… Start with just the hour you wake up…・ 1. do I open my eyes or not ・ 2. do I get up or not ・ 3. do I hit the snooze ・ 4. do I roll over or not ・ 5. do I pull up th…
How many average desisions does one person make per day??
I have no idea, but starting to-morrow I shall count them and let you know! It is two days since I made the above comment.I did start to count them, but gave up when I realised that we are making decisions almost the whole of our day! We …
How much does the average person make per day
How much does the average person make per day? Where can I find someone to help me with this? I have been sitting here at the kitchen table scratching my head for an hour now.

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Approximately how many decisions does the average person make a day?
Q: If you could add a reference as to where you got your information that would be very appreciated!
A: getting out of bed is a descision all on its own, and choosing wether or not to go to work, or skip breakfast, or take the car or walk, or where to go to lunch…. we are filled with descisions everyday, even the tinyest ones like, what am i going to wear today???
Does anyone have a factual answer for the average number of conscious decisions a person makes in a day?
Q: I need a statistic, if anyone has one, I would be VERY appreciative.
A: unlimitatedmy choice to answer this questionwe make choices on food…dricnks..friends…familes…everyday thing everyday!thake time-out to thin kbot emuull find ur answer..garenteed!
At what age (generally speaking) is someone mature enough to make major decisions?
Q: Firstly I understand everyone matures at different ages, so I’m talking in terms of average ages.I saw a question the other day asking at what age is someone old enough to choose or reject a religion. Most people answered that a teenager is capable of making such a choice. In my opinion, choosing a religion is huge step.Yet when some brings up age gap relationships ie 20 yr old and a 38yr old, many people claim that the 20 yr old is too immature to make a choice to enter such a relationship – that they don’t know what they want and don’t yet have adequate mental maturity.For me personally, at the age of 18 I left a religion and entered into a relationship with someone older than me. Three years I don’t regret it for a moment and the results have all be positive.So at what age does a person become mature enough to make such life changing decisions?Arf Bee – You’ve raised some excellent points…it is a bit contradictory isn’t it.
A: People mature at different ages depending on their particular circumstances and environment. Some are forced to mature at such a very tender age, such as orphans, or children of homeless parents, or the poor abused ones…But, be that as it may, according to U.S. laws [which is universally becoming accepted] maturity or “majority” –legal term used to differentiate from “minority”– occurs at the age of 18. That is when the individual is held legally LIABLE for his or her actions, i.e., make any major decisions, based on the existing laws of the land. However, in certain States [?] that age of “adulthood” is raised to 21 years old, when it comes to the purchase of alcohol or entering gambling establishments.Apparently, the U.S. government has established that particular age as the “average” age of adulthood. However, IT IS VERY INTERESTING TO NOTE, that at 18, a person who enlists or is drafted in the military can be sent out to kill another human being in times of conflict or war, but that same person is not allowed to gamble or get intoxicated yet.Talk about making life changing decisions… How much more ironic can man-made laws ever be??Peace be with you.
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