How many people are afraid of the dark

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I can’t find numerical statistics, but nyctophobia, fear of the dark, is one of the most common fears that people experience. [ Source: ]
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Why are people afraid of the dark?
Because the mind is a powerful organ that has the power to create vivid images AND ignite the emotions. That’s why when people are thinking hard about something or trying to really recall something they close their eyes. The dark is like so…
Why are people so afraid of the dark?
Well I guess the dark is still the unknown, you can’t see or focus on objects. I suffer from nightmares, so I am more afraid of sleeping than the dark, but I still leave nightlights on in my house. I guess when I was in the military I would…
How come are people afraid of sleeping in dark rooms??
Some people need a night light which is fine. Others simply can’t get to sleep unless it’s pitch black. Don’t watch horror movies or your imagination will really get the best of you.

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How many people here are over the age of 20, and still afraid of the dark?
Q: I was just curious.
A: I”m 23 and like to have a night lite lol
How many people are afraid of the dark as adults?
A: A lot of people hold on to childhood fears when they become adults. They can also resurface due to traumatic events or frightening experiences. I laughed through the entire movie “Darkness Falls” with all of my friends, but most of us were then up half the night afraid to turn out all the lights or look around the dark room. I know it sounds kind of silly, but it is normal. It is only not normal if it starts to get in the way of your normal daily functions.
What are some legitimate reasons people are afraid of the dark?
Q: I have to write a paper for my english class about why people are afraid of the dark. I need atleast three reasons that I can write a paragraph on for each. Any help would be much appreciated. include the source of your info, too, if you could.
A: A lot of the fear of that dark comes from a humans natural fear of the unknown. For some it’s the thought of the afterlife, or death, or monsters. The dark is a makes these feelings come alive because you literally cannot see what is around you or coming at you. Being in the dark is also disorienting, which is why some panic in the dark. Others because their imagination takes over in the blackness. Some think of monsters coming from the back chasm, others feel a real sense of claustrophobia becuase the dark seems to press in around them. I personally do not like the dark because for me it causes nightmares and makes me remember past nightmares where the dark would spring up monsters. It makes a real sense of panic until I have a light on orienting me to my room. Otherwise I”m lost in my own mind. Hope this helps.
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