How should i beat up my friend

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Most likely not. Perhaps talking and expressing your anger non-violently would give you a better resolution! [ Source: ]
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Should I beat up my friend?
forget that friend thats like a dick cut off all contact with him get the girl to talk to you one on one tell her that you have feelings for her n if she even mentions him listen closely cause she might tell you something that he may have s…
Would you beat up your best friend for 5 million dollars??
Sure I would and I would expect paybacks once he healed. I would hate to bruise him but when I give him two and a half million dollars he would forgive me and just kick my butt!
Should i beat up my friend who likes wrestling?
Definitely not lol ! Pro wrestling is one of the most popular sports in the US, as well as in Japan and Mexico for example.It sets records for tv and live attendances and some of the matches worked are very exciting and entertaining !

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should I beat my friend up like a pinata?
Q: we have a subsatute at school ,and he keeps calling his self “the king”.he’s really starting to get on my nerves.what should I do?
A: Give him a good kicking
Should I Beat up a Friend Who Stole 25 dollars from me?
Q: He Stole 25$ from me and sed fuck you and left.Hes a nerd and has a virtual girlfriend and he stole it for a gamecard.Should i let it go or go to his house and beat the shit out of kinda of scared he wuld call the police on me doe. He called the police when a dog bit him.
A: Leave him alone. However, don’t stay friends with him either.
my best friend got beat up by her boyfriend roomate, should i go beat the roomate up?
Q: my friend is a handicapped person and the person who beat her up is not. what should i do?
A: If you’ve got the guts to do it, then yes, otherwise get someone else to do it 🙂
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