How should I get over my fear or airplanes and flying

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You may need to see a psychiatrist to find out why you’re afraid of flying. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do I get over my fear of flying on an airplane??
Little known fact about me, but I was a student pilot. Trust me, you are more likely (much more likely) to get in a crash on the way to the airport then on an airplane. Airplanes don’t just run out of gas haha, that is something that is tri…
Can you really get over your fear of flying by actually flying wi…?
Yes, and their is no shame in letting the flight attendant know that you are nervous about being on the plane. Letting the crew know will allow them to keep an eye on you. That doesn’t mean special attention, but they may come around to you…
How do I get over the gripping fear of flying in an airplane??
Try watching some youtube vids of planes taking off ( from the inside of the plane) and imagine being on them and looking out the window but not being afraid.

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I have a really bad fear of airplanes and flying has anyone got any ideas of how i could get over this fear?
Q: I have a really bad fear of airplanes and flying, a plane has just got to fly overhead and i run inside panicking, I really would like to get over this fear because i would like to go on holiday with my best friend soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i could try getting over this fear.Any help would be appreciated
A: Yes, your fear of flying is real and can be acute. We had a good friend who lived in Houston, and because of her fear, drove round trip 6 times over the years to San Francisco to see relatives. NOT FUN! Pay a visit to your physician, explain how critical your fear is, and let him know you don’t want anything that will totally Zonk you out, but if he understands phobias, he will prescribe medication for you which will take the edge off of your fear, allow you to relax, and probably allow you some needed sleep en-route.It worked wonders for our friend, and she is now a confirmed flight passenger! PS- I liked the answer, “take a boat,” but whoever wrote this never tried to get from Houston to San Francisco by one.l Good luck….it will work for you too!
How can I overcome my fear of flying/airplanes!? *help please*?
Q: I have to go on vacation, (yes HAVE TO, im being forced)and it requires 2 plane rides. I have the WORST fear of flying, and I always think the airplanes are going to crash.I go to this place almost every summer, and I still have not gotten over my fear.I’m really scared, what if the airplane crashes!!!? I WOULD DIEE! How can I get over my fear?I dont want to be scared foreverr.
A: Did you know that it is estimated that over ten percent of the population in the United States has a fear of flying in an airplane? The reason for this fear ranges from feeling trapped inside an airplane, to being afraid of the airplane crashing, to not liking the feeling of the airplane bouncing around in turbulence, to being afraid of thunderstorms and severe weather, to not trusting the flight crew. No matter what the reason is, you can learn how to change yourself, relax, and actually enjoy a flight for once.To begin with, make sure that you are comfortable. Dress as comfortably as possible. Wear loose clothes so that you won’t become too hot inside the airplane. Be sure to take a jacket or sweater wiht you on board, though, in case you become chilled. Next, get comfortable in your seat. Fasten your seat belt and relax. Remember that the entire crew of the airline that you have chosen to fly on are trained individuals who are making their careers in the airline industry. They want to do as good as job in their line of work as you want them to do. Some fo the pilots have thousands of hours flying time under their belts, and they are able to skillfully take off, fly, and land the airplanes with no problem whatsoever. Granted, sometimes airplanes have mechanical malfunctions, but these pilots are trained and experienced in handling all situations.The next thing to do, after you are physically confortable, is to comfort your inner self. Relax. Breathe in through your mouth and out of your nose. Breathe deeply several times. This will help increase the amount of oxygen that is going into your body. Do not hyperventilate though. Control your breathing and concentrate on relaxing your entire body.Next, make yourself replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Do not worry about the airplane crashing, for example. Turn this negative thought into a positive thought by thinking ahead to how good it is going to feel to land safely at your destination and see your family, friends, or meet new business asociates.Another method that you can try is to divert your attention so you can take your mind off of flying in an airplane. You can strike up a conversation wiht the person seated next to you, read a magazine or a favorite book, or recline your seat, once the airplane is in flight, and take a nap. If the person next to you seems calm and relaxed, you could ask them what their secret is too. Read a book. Countless books are devoted to overcoming the fear of flying.Here is a link of Fear of flying self help course link, plz have a look on it
airplane experts, how do you get over the fear of flying?
Q: any help??
A: Air travel is by far and a long way safer than any other form of travel, including crossing the street.When planes crash they hit the news big time. If the average plane holds 150 people and the media had to report every 150 individual accidents on the roads in similar depth to the coverage an airline crash gets, the road crash news would never end!The airlines and governments invest vast sums of money to make it so. Consider that to buy a Boeing 747 you would need to find between $238 and $267 million! That is a lot of money and you are going to take very good care of your investment.Tens of thousands of commercial flights take off and land every day around the world and statistically the number of accidents is minuscule.Most airlines are very aware that some people have a fear of flying and have developed courses to help you to overcome that fear. Contact the airline you are flying with and ask them about such a course. I believe they are really good and help a lot of people. They do make a charge but not a massive amount.Do not be tempted to get drunk or taking any pills which may make you less than alert before flying as this can result in the airline refusing to carry you in case you pose a safety risk.Try to get a middle seat and take a book or magazine to read while the plane is taking off and landing. Once in the air most airlines have a selection of movies, TV programmes and radio broadcasts available to you. Look around and see how all the other passengers are reacting. 99.9% will appear calm and unruffled by the experience.Tell yourself that this is an experience you will enjoy and that you are looking forward to it.Be aware that on every commercial flight in the world the cabin crew must, by law, show you a safety demonstration or video. This is normal, it in no way means that they are fearful that the plane might not make it. For certain they would not have got on themselves if they had any doubts.Once over you will look back on this experience as enjoyable and be ready to do it again.
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