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In order to memorize first, use a pencil or word processor, then write, in complete sentences, any fact you think might (more?) [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Read over the thing you want to memorize in your head at least 5 times. Read it over 7 – 10 times in… ・ 2 Read it over again, however this time read it out loud. Read it over 5 – 10 times. Reading out loud… ・ 3 Try to read it out wi…
・ Find out what kind of learner you are here.
・ Step 1: Gather the information you need to memorize in a list format. If the material you want to memorize… ・ Step 2: Decide how many items (or measure of a piece of music) you can memorize in the first few seconds… ・ Step 3: Add addi…

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How to memorize marching band music?
Q: Well I have the music and I play baritone but the problem is how do I memorize it? I’m good at memorizing piano music but our marching band music has different times so that is gonna mess me up. I need tips on memorizing fast and well and I don’t have a home baritone, I play the school’s baritone. And yeah this is my first year in marching band. I need to memorize quickly because rehearsal for the music is near the end of july!!!!! Please help!
A: My suggestion would be to play over it as often as possible. Go through and look for similar patterns and find ways to help yourself memorize it. Even when you don’t have the baritone, go over and do the fingerings on a pencil (or something more suited to your instrument – I played flute and that was easiest for me) and hum the music under your breath.Marching music isn’t terribly complicated, so I would suggest that as long as you just practice the fingerings over and over again, you’ll get a good general idea of how it goes. I think you’ll find that once you get there, there will be a lot of people who don’t have a total handle on the music. It’ll look good for you if you do, but even the strictest marching bands (I came from one) aren’t perfect on the first day.
How can i memorize burgers and fast food stuff?
Q: I work at dairy queen and ive been having alot of trouble memorizing whats where and how to make burgers and things like that. Does anyone have some tips for me to help me to memorize these things quickly?
A: make flash cards? lol
How can I memorize the elements and principles of art?
Q: Elements of art-color-texture-value-shape-space-linePrinciples of art-rhythm-balance-pattern-emphasis-unity-contrast-varietyAll I need to do is memorize what they are. I don’t need to worry about the definitions (because I already know them). So does anyone have a quick way of memorizing these? Maybe a phrase, or acronym?
A: It always helps me to take the words I need to memorize and put them in an easy song to remember (such as Row, Row, Your Boat)Acronyms work well too: (I didn’t do the words in order, sorry if you need them that way.)LittleTameCatsSitVeryStillUno,Risk,ClueVeryExcitingBoard gamesto Playsorry, not the best I know, but maybe helps a little?
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