How to tell when some one is lying

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Some signs that someone is lying include no eye contact, looking up & to the right, covering their face & mouth, and wide eyes. [ Source: ]
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How can you tell if some one is Lying?
Being a foster Mom, I have to deal with PROFESSIONAL, PATHOLOGICAL liars almost daily. Here’s what I have learned, touching the tip of their nose with a finger or hand, looking to the right, avoiding eye contact, stammering, excessive inf…
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How can you tell when some one is lying?
Q: I heard about a show that is on tv about detectives that can tell when someone is lying, but I never saw it, anyone know what itis called?
A: we’ll when i tend to lie i smile.when my sister does she plays with her thumbs.when my mom does she plays with her ears.The first step to discovering a lie, then, is to be aware of your personal feelings about the subject. In other words, what is your involvement in this possible lie?In order to really be accurate in spotting a lie, you must be aware of the other person’s motivations for lying to you, including what you might do to him if you knew the truth. An example of this is a child lying to a parent to avoid being grounded: He is desperately avoiding the punishment he is certain the truth would bring. The parent, being aware of this, is in a better position to gauge the child’s lie.1.)Know how he talks normally. The first step to reading a liar’s body language is to know his normal, everyday conversational habits. This is referred to as someone’s “baseline” behavior – normal eye, hand and body movements during a pleasant conversation in which there is no pressure or lying. This will allow you to detect variations when the lie occurs, without mistaking a naturally awkward or shy person for a chronic liar. 2.)Notice how stress influences his patterns. It is notoriously difficult to tell the difference between a person who has been put on the spot (that is, under stress and pressure), and an out-and-out liar. This is because most of the tell-tale signs of lying are based around the fact that telling a lie is a stressful event on the body and mind – it seems humans are not built for distorting the truth, and forcing that situation has recognizable repercussions. 3.)Look for the signs. This is a list of the most common “tells” that people have while attempting to lie. Again, note that most of these also occur when someone is feeling stressed by the conversation.Little to no body movement. People will sometimes “freeze,” not quite facing the other person, and will move as little as possible during the lie. Alternatively, some people will fight this by being overly dramatic, moving the body much more than normal to try and “sell” the lie. No eye contact. A lot of information is conveyed through eye contact, and most people have an extremely hard time lying to someone while looking directly into his eyes. Sometimes this will only occur at the moment of the lie, a brief glance at the floor or to the right. Again, some will try to sell the lie by making and maintaining eye contact fiercely, much more so than usual. Stress gestures (rapid blinking, scratching, itching, swallowing, fidgeting, etc.). If discovered, a deception carries much greater risk of punishment than simply telling the truth, and people understand this. This uncomfortable situation will make them uncomfortable, and they will act accordingly. Looking up to the right. Looking up and to the right stimulates the part of the brain associated with imagination (that is, making things up), whereas looking up and to the left stimulates the part of the brain associated with recalling memories (that is, telling the truth). Touching the nose and covering the face/mouth. Habits from childhood, these gestures are a subconscious attempt to “cover up” the lie, and put distance between the liar and you. Rise in vocal pitch. Another product of stress, the liar’s voice will get higher and squeaky. This should be noticeable if you are familiar with his normal speaking voice. Wide-eyed, innocent look. Another product of childhood fibs, based on the “who, me?” fake innocence usually associated with a kid denying he has his hand in the cookie jar while it is still in there. A noticeable pause in speaking. Most people lack the ability to come up with a plausible fiction
What are some good way to tell when someone is lying to you?
Q: What are some physical things people do when lying?
A: When they don’t look you in the eye – but that is not always reliable. Classic “tells” are when a person touches their nose or the top of their head. Usually the top of the head is with both hands, but not always. Sometimes people touch behind one of their ears. A good one to know is that when a person is telling a story, if they are lying and making it up, the will look away and to their left. If they are telling the truth the will usually look somewhat downwards and to their right. When they look left they are creating – when they look right they are accessing memories. That one is very reliable.
How can you tell when some pro illegals are lying?
Q: Read most of their posts.Agree or disagree?
A: ohhh this is easy… everything they say is a lie!… really you have to ask yourself … what kind of person is in favor of illegals anyway? most likely they are #1) illegal themselves or #2) were illegal or # 3) are the descendants of illegals.. or #4) are bleeding heart liberals……. any person that is in favor of them cannot be loyal to this country…. and promotes a criminal activity…
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