If I ate a baby what should I do

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Inducing vomiting would probably not help. Perhaps you should first contact the parents of the child. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-ate-a-baby-what-should-i-do ]
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What should I not eat and drink while I’m breastfeedind my baby??
“People say that certain things you eat and drink effect your baby such as pop and spicy foods is any of this true” No, not normally. Eat what it pleases you to eat and drink what it pleases you to drink, even including moderate a…
Should I give my Baby Corn Snake a warm bath after it just ate??
Ok firstly you should only feed every 5 days at a minimum. You must not move your snake for a couple of days otherwise you risk a regurgitation. Do not feed your snake again until it has defected, young snakes should only be fed after this …
Should i wake my infant to eat?
http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/basics/… “My newborn wants to sleep all the time! Should I wake him to nurse?” Yes, if he doesn’t wake on his own. Many newborns are very sleepy in the early days or weeks and may not exhibit hu…

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What should you do if your 6 month old baby just ate a bunch of pot your wife left laying around?
Q: Let’s say she left quite a bit in a baggy on the kitchen counter and it fell off onto the floor when your child got ahold of it and ate it! What should you do!?It was about a 1/2 ounce…
A: How much is “a bunch”? It would have taken a while for a 6 month old to eat several ounces, for example.There shouldn’t be any crazy side effects. Baby would get a little stoned, but a 6 month old can’t understand paranoia. Give them lots of liquids and watch them for symptoms. It’ll be out of their body in a day or two MAX.
My 16 month old baby ate a tea bag containing black tea. Should I be worried?
Q: He ripped it open and ate at least a mouthful before I could get it away. Does anyone know of any bad affects this could cause? He’s behaving normally so far.
A: Bleah. My kid ate moldy cheese out of the garbage. He lived and he’s 19 years old now.Your babe might get a tummy ache, but that would probably be the worst. Just give him some milk to drink and keep an eye on him, but he will be fine otherwise.
My 8 month old baby just ate some tabacco. What should I do?
Q: My 8 month old just ate some tabacco. I turned around for 1 second and she was coughing. I looked and saw she had my mom’s cigarette pack and was eating one. She might have got about 1/2 an inch of one. She immediatly threw up everywhere. Should I be concernd? Should I take her to the doctor. She is sleeping now and seems fine.
A: I’m guessing most of it was barfed back up. call your peds doc on advice for what you should do..or even poison control.1-800-222-1222**wonders why Super Dave has seen so many kids eat tabacco!**hey KK, sh!t happens. i have 4 kids…they get into stuff, it’s what they DO. stop judging..if you have no advice to give, stuff it.
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