If I were to jump off a building what would you do

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If you are thinking of doing something drastic like jumping off a building, call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-were-to-jump-off-a-building-what-would-you-do ]
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Im about to jump off a building..should i do it?
suicide is not the answer! You only get one life. Think about all the people who will miss you.god luck and god bless
Will I have to Jump off the building?
that on a charity abseil! You’ll be leaning outwards gently until the rope takes your weight, then leaning out a little more until you are stable enough to move your feet onto the vertical face, then “walking” downwards as the rop…
Shall i just jump off a tall building ?
Alcohol is not your answer nor is jumping off a tall building. What do you really want to do in life? What is something you’ve got a passion for? Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and scared to get back into the work field is ju…

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if a human were to jump off a building would their body splatter?
Q: i know they would die, but would they splatter? and also…would an orange splatter?
A: Like dropping a watermelon.
If someone were to jump off a 30 story building, would they survive?
Q: I was at school and a friend of mine said that if you jump off a 30 story building, you wouldn’t survive. But i think that you can. So we made a bet. So I want to prove him wrong. So is it possible?
A: I’m sorry, but the scariest part of this question is that you needed to ask it.
Who would you like to see jump off a building?
Q: Which Hollywood-Star would you like to see jump off a building, and why? Funniest answer earns ten points! :)Just some Stars that you could use:*hannah montana/miley cyrus*jonas brothers*britney spears*Lindsey Lohan(you don’t have to use the ones above, those are just some suggestions) Thanks!
A: everyone you listed, the sham wow guy, thats about it i can always think of more
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