If you are dreaming about someone, are they dreaming about you to

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Typically no. However, if you are well versed in Lucid Dreaming techniques as well as setting intention it is very possible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-dreaming-about-someone%2C-are-they-dreaming-about-you-to ]
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What does it mean when you dream someone died?
Actually dreaming about death is psychologically good. So it’s a positive thing. On the other hand, dreaming about broken teeth is a negative thing that has a psychological relation with death… About Carnival I personally don’t know. But …
What does it mean if you dream of someone?
You have really thought about them at the day time, the time before you sleeped. It is not nessaserly straight before you sleeped. And sometimes you don’t even think about them at all. I think that dreams have allot to do with our lives. Wh…
Does dreaming of fish mean someone is pregnant?
When you are dreaming of fish it don’t mean someone is pregnant. But some older women do believe that dreaming of fish means someone they know is pregnant.

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Do you think that when you dream about someone, they are dreaming about you?
Q: I always thought it would be so cool if you had a dream about someone, and they had a dream about you the same night. Same with, if you are thinking about someone, they are thinking about you. Do you believe in that? I kind of do, and I don’t.
A: I wish that really happened, but life is not that easy..
Is it possible to have a dream about someone and they’re dreaming the same thing?
Q: Say you have a powerful dream about someone and it’s so vivid and you know that you will never forget it. Is it possible that the person you dreamed about had the same dream the same night as well?I had a sex dream about someone last night and it was amazing. I remember every single detail, and when I saw the person I had sex with in the dream today in school, they acted all awkward and didn’t want to talk to me. So weird. Any ideas?
A: Well it’s possible, but realistically very improbable.You may have subconsciously looked at this person differently and they picked up on it and that’s why they acted awkward.Or it could be that even though they didn’t have the same sex dream, they were already attracted to you.
Some people say dreaming about someone means you like them or they like you?
Q: Some people say dreaming about someone means you like them or they like you, is that true? I keep having a dream about this guy, and I think I like him, but if that means he likes me, doesn’t that mean my brain subconsciously knows that he does?
A: dreaming about someone means that you are thinking of them, which is usually because you like them.
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