Is is ok to be schizophrenic

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Schizophrenia is a severe, disabling brain disorder. This whole planet is a mental institution, every person seems insane. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What drugs are commonly added with serouquel to improve schizophr…?
You can try Fish Oil (Omega 3s). They do well for mood and mental disorders. I also see a lot of scripts for a combo abilify and seroquel.

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Ok, what is with the schizophrenic ratings system on Yahoo answers?
Q: I’m sure you must know what I’m talking about. I’ll post an answer and it’ll have one thumb up and one thumb down before even I can read it!I’ll refresh a page 3 times and the number will increase and then decrease againI’ll have plus 3 minus 3 for several days and then suddenly it resets.Is there some sorting algorithm on YA’s ratings that’s gone horribly wrong or what?
A: The same thing happens to me. The voting feature is also messed up – sometimes when I vote for a best answer the vote doesn’t register, but when I refresh the page it does, or there will be like 4 answers all with 100% of the vote, which is clearly not possible! It’s very annoying, and has been going on for a couple of weeks now. I hope Yahoo is working on the problem, but who can tell?
why did obama say, ” i used to be schizophrenic but we are OK now”?
Q: lol, and yes, its a joke to lighten up all the hatred in here!so enjoy answering in any form you wish to express yourselves before the kiddies have this deleted.
A: He was probably joking.
Did Hillary just say ” I used to be schizophrenic but we are OK now”?
Q: Just look at her multiple personality disorders, one minute she is nice the next she plays it real harsh, it’s like she is hearing voices , don’t you think? If you’re Hillary supporters I know you can not think !Yuck Fou: hi there Mr. know it all ! schizophrenic people manifest multiple personalities. Elementary psychology!
A: I support Obama. I want change!!
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