Is it normal when I talk to myself and if not why

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Most people talk to themselves quite regularly but it is usually done silently. It’s no worse than reading out loud. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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When I’m alone, I talk to myself constantly, is that normal or no…?
I’m pretty sure it’s normal. All of that sounds pretty normal to me, yes. I think it’s healthy, we seem to need someone to talk to. Does it not ease your lonliness some. Some people even talk to themselves in public – on certain college cam…

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Is it normal when i talk to myself while im reflecting about my problem? ?
Q: okay.. id really like to talk to myself right now while im reflecting, however, i feel like im crazy when im doing that… like this… i will lie in bed, then.. i will think about my problem, then ill answer, “no its not like that” or “thats not what i should do, should be like this” i just wonder maybe something is wrong with me if i do that.. is that even normal?? usually when a person is reflecting its just in they’re head, right?
A: That’s completely normal. It’s when you’re having conversation with someone that isn’t there that it becomes crazy.
why do i hear myself normal but its diffrent for other people?
Q: ok well when i talk i hear my voice and its a normal voice but when i talk to some people i talk and i hear myself talking normal but other people say i talk werid. AND i know there not making it up because when i do a recording on the computer i hear my voice but its so diffrent than the one i hear. this has also been going on for a long while for like 2 years. PLEASE HELP!
A: Happens to me too. I sound WAAAAAY different than what I hear. I dunno why. It’s probably because the vocal cords are internal, like the eardrums. So you’re getting the noise from the vocal cords inside you and the noise your mouth produces. I guess. Just a hunch.
is it normal to have the blues when starting a new job?
Q: i guess cuz i feel like i might have a hard time fitting in, and i feel like i have to put myself out there a lot,more than most people, and i get tired of doing that its like im not good enough as myself. does anyone know what im talking about, what causes me to be blue?
A: Yes because you don’t know what is expected of you
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