Is it possible for your dreams to come true

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Dreams do sometimes come true. Unfortunately both good and bad dreams come true. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for dreams to come true?
OF COURSE IT IS…its the basis for having a good and happy life! However there are some guidelines you must stick to! Make sure your dreams of what you want in your life, are GOOD and that they are “actually POSSIBLE.” After al…
How to Make Dreams Come True
Having confidence in yourself and life can help you make your dreams come true. We all have goals and dreams we would like to accomplish. If you have a dream that motivates you, then you can make…
My dreams come true… is this possible?
I wouldn’t rule out the comments of perception and creating reality, but I wouldn’t rule out psychic ability either. I have these as well. They’re more formally known as precognitions. There’s a great deal of mystery to them and a lot of th…

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Can dreams come true as it happend in your head?
Q: I have theese dreams, and they are always coming true… What are they? And, what if something bad happens in my dream? Is it possible it will come true?
A: When we dream normally all things are possible, while in the dream we believe it is the only reality.When we have prophetic dreams, it will have a different feel to it. For a start you know you are dreaming, ie lucid dreaming where your body is alseep but your consienceness is awake. They also have other qualities for example some item or thing in the dream will stand out in colour or be different in some other strange way.
Is it possible for dreams to come true?
Q: And I do mean that literally.I used to have dreams that always came true the next day… Except there was a twist. In the dream, it would be more exaggerated.For example, I had a horrible, horrible dream (more like nightmare) where my dad died… Then the next day, my dad left to another city (he’s back now, by the way). So maybe the connection between those dreams was that I would not see my dad… These dreams have suddenly stopped coming real and they have stopped for a few months now.So, is it possible for dreams to come true?
A: I used to have dreams like that too but ain’t had one of them for few years now! my little brother passed away and i dreamed he was sat on the chair in my room and he was saying tell mum don’t worry about the bracelet!!!! after a week or 2 i told my mum and nearly collapsed! she said he had bought her a bracelet a few years ago and she broke it the day before the funeral and was running around the jewelers to get it fixed but couldn’t! i have had so many like that!
Some of my dreams come true. Is that even possible and does it mean anything?
Q: I have dreams that really stick out in my head sometimes. I remember them so clear when i wake and i dont forget the details. These dreams seem to come true, Like actually happen! Its not every dream and not regular. This year so far it has happened maybe 3-4 times.What does this mean and why does it happen?
A: ya happens with me too.. sometimes its difficult for me to differentiate d facts of reality and that in a dream!!!and also have that Deja-Vu feeling.. it means when something happens in reality u feel that had happened earlier..this cant be regular though..actually i even remember d dreams i had seen years back..!the reason to this is impossible to find… no doc can tell u nor any scientist.. just u have to go on with it.. also stay cool and avoid feelings and things worry u… just need to be mentally stable and control your emotions.. dreams wil automatically come under control…dreams r just an outcome of thoughts…also i wud like to say that the dreams coming to reality are mostly things you expect to happen or hope to happen..i know u will
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