Is pain all in your mind

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Altered electrical and chemical nerve signals cause pain to persist long after an injury. These signals come from the brain. [ Source: ]
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Pain is a simple enough concept to grasp. You stub your toe, shout, perhaps utter a few expletives, rub it better and it eventually fades. But neuroscientists are realising that pain is much more complex than anyone thought possible, c・ Pos…
It is the hardest thing in the world to get inside somebody else’s pain. Only those who have themselves endured the incubus of chronic pain can begin to engage with sufferers. It is all too easy for the fit person to grow impatient at the o…
It can be sharp or dull; it can last for a few seconds or for a lifetime. If it’s bad it can make you vomit, and we spend millions a year trying to make it go away. Pain affects us all at some point. In the West, the traditional treatment i…

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What is it called when you can block pain with your mind?
Q: I do a sort of meditation when I have a headache or a pain, it even works with cramps sometimes, and I can basically get rid of the pain for a short while. Most of the time it comes back when I stop concentrating, but sometimes it holds.I mentioned it to one of my friends and she had a name for it? I can’t remmeber what that was now. Any ideas?
A: It might be psychosomatic meditation. There are many different names that can be used including self-hypnosis, it all depends on which one you really want to use. They all simply mean the same thing. If this isn’t what your looking for then maybe someone else will know. Good luck and God Bless
How do 800 mg Motrin work on the body? Does it block out the pain in your mind or the hurting body part?
Q: I took two 800 mg Motrin because I work at a grocery store and towards the end of my shift my feet hurt real bad. These ‘magic pills’ really worked and I could barely feel any pain and am able to continue working.
A: Ibuprofen (Motrin) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) pain medication. What it does is it works on the hormones that causes swelling and inflammation. Pressure is applied to the nerve cells when there is swelling or inflammation involved. This is the main cause of pain. Motrin prevents swelling thereby preventing pain.
How to train your mind to not feel pain?
Q: What are some other methods I heard karate and yoga,and self defence classes help you clear your mind and be able to control your body is that the only ones and are the classes expensive? ThanksXOBrookLynnbut why? you feel pain for a reason.I know that but I want to be able to pierce my body and not have the pain be so overwhelming,Im looking to do the stuff that CrissAngel,andDavidBlaine to thats why I want to not feel the pain as much
A: The best way to not feel the pain is to block it. In order to do that you must be able to imagine a much lesser pain.Also in many cases to not feel pain is to imagine you are somewhere else.
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