Is there a fear of your own children

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Fear of children is Pedophobia. Fear of childbirth is Lockiophobia or Parturiphobia. There is no fear of ‘own children’. [ Source: ]
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Is it normal & natural that a parents worsts fear is their ow…?
The love we feel for our children cannot be compared to anything else. I have 6 kids ranging in age from 34 to 11 years so you can imagine I have worried many, many times over the years. I lost my husband 4 years ago in a car accident which…
How do you HELP A CHILD TO over come fear of HIS own shadow??
Many times, a fearful or reticent child is produced by parental pushing. Children differ from one to the next, and some parents are unwilling to accept that their child could be one who is not as willing as others to jump right into situati…
Are We Damaging Our Children Through Our Own Fears?
I was on a radio show the other day and I was taken aback by the negative questions I was asked about social networking and the  damaging effect of Facebook.  Even though Facebook is not my favorite tool, I found myself sticking up for the …

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What is your biggest fear with your children?
Q: As your children grow up, they start making their own decisions and doing what they want. What is your biggest fear when they hit that age? For me it’s drugs. I am always worrying about them getting into drugs. Obviously I will take all preventative measures available, but it is probably my biggest concern. (They are still young right now). I was joking with my husband about making them take urine tests when they become teenagers.
A: I’m going to agree with you on this one. I’m pregnant right now and have been through quite a bit in my life. I can honestly say that almost every single adult family member in my life is addicted to something or other. With the majority of them it’s alcohol and marijuana. In my teens I experimented with marijuana but I wasn’t that into it. When I graduated high school I started hanging out with the wrong people and started doing cocaine. I’ve been clean for almost 3 years now and it’s been hard. But I think that I’ve come through it pretty well so far. So I guess my biggest fear is that my child will repeat the cycle of addiction as my life did. I’ll try as hard as I can to prevent it, but really there is only so much you can do. In my case I am just going to try to raise my son as best as I can and hope that he sees that what our other family members do and what I did was wrong.
Would you rather take care of your own children or someone Else’s?
Q: Is the fear greater to take on the responsibility of building your own self into a little soldire(s) because of the reflection of who you are?..Or,easier to do someone Else’s kids because their not your blood and not your full responsibility? So if they turn out to be jerks or weird, it’s not your fault?
A: Much, MUCH rather raise my own… step-parenting is tough—BTW- Even if they turn out weird, you still have a stake in the matter, you can’t absolve yourself like that…. If you love your spouse, you at least *better* love their kids… Even if they say they hate you (which chances are they will).Here’s the thing most people don’t realize about parenting … Whether or not to have children is not NEARLY as important as the decision of whom to have them with — just ask anyone with kids whose been through a divorce.KC
If you were mollested, do you fear your children will be?
Q: I was mollested for years when I was a kid by a neighbor. I had tons of counseling for it (years later) but now I have children of my own. My oldest is getting to the same age that I was when it all started and I get scared sometimes that it will happen to my kids. I understand that its irrational and I don’t freak out and get paranoid or anything like that. I just notice that I am probably a little more cautious than the other parents at school when it comes to adults being around my children and talking to them. Others close to me seem to think its okay, I just want to know what you think. If you went through it are you over protective or would you call it just being protective?
A: I was also molested as a child, and that has also been my worst fear as a mother. I have a set of twins, 14, and I am currently pregnant as well and I always keep things like that in the back of my mind. Unlike you, I didn;t get counseling until I was in my late 20’s and wound up with a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and tried to commit suicide because of it. I finally did go through therapy and the steps to get my life back on track, and I am a better person and mom because of it. The one thing I did was when my children were old enough to sit them down, and explain the correct names for their body parts, I let them know that their body is theirs, and no one is aklowed to touch them there under no circumstance. They were only five at the time, and their father bitched and moaned that they were too young to have sex talks. But the one thing I pointed out to him is that children get molested at any age, and children are having sex at earlier ages. I am a teacher and know this first hand, being that this year alone there has been three eleven year old girls who are now mothers. You can be protective, you are their mother after all, but at the same time educate them about molestation, and about touches that make them feel uncomfortable. You don’t necessarily have to tell them that you were a victim, but make sure you at least give them the knowledge so that you can be at ease and it will be easier for you to release them into the world.
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