Is there a way to develop photographic memory

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Yes, it is possible to develop a photographic memory. To start, it is important to be discerning of what information is (MORE) [ Source: ]
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Is there any way for ordinary people like i, to develop a photogr…?
Wouldn’t it be nice to just look at a page and never forget what was on there? What if you could never again forget a friend’s birthday? The bad news is, not everyone has a photographic memory, otherwise known as eidetic memory. Only a fe…
Is there a way to learn how to get photographic memory?
True photographic memory is something that you have to be born with. Memory exercises can help improve your memory though.
Are there any ways to get a photographic memory??
No there really isn’t but there are ways to try like finding similarities in things to help you remember or association with words or pictures, but to answer your question you are born with the ability to remember things in a different way …

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Is there any way i can develop a photographic memory?
Q: I’d prefer something concrete, but speculation is welcome. I was going to try memorizing a simple scene once every day. Some sort of cartoon, or something like that. something simple. then i was going to move to more complex things, and eventually actual pictures. Does this seem like a good idea, or a bad one?Any advice, or techniques?
A: actually, youi aready have a “photographic” memory. if you hear the word “squirrel” you don’t actually think of the letter “s” then “q”, etc. but rather, you think of a small gray (or sometimes red) furry critter. just submit to the understanding that you think in pictures, and then try not to remember anything but pictures. if you do this you will begin to associate all things (including numbers and symbols) as pictures. and you will then recall those pictures that are associated with whatever you commited to memory.
Are there any exercises you can do to develop a photographic memory?
Q: I am a smart kid, with a lot of time on my hands. Are there any ways to develop a photographic memory over the course of a couple years?
A: I have a ‘photographic’ memory (clinically confirmed) and my family used to have a lot of fun with it.It’s based on what’s called a ‘reference’. Something will be seen, said or smelled, etc. and starts a domino effect, connecting past experiences that branch out to other experiences. All of this happens within seconds and takes a concerted effort to stop it; at least for me, it can’t be turned on or off.I saw a date and remembered (‘connected’ is more like it) someone’s birthday from 45 years ago (he sat next to me in fifth grade; I checked, and was right about the date).I was driving down a street and suddenly Tom Cruise popped in my head (not too bad!). I knew there was a reason and this one I decided to mentally backtrack (sometimes it’s just not worth the effort). The street used to have a motor speedway (Ontario Motor Speedway) years before it became a shopping complex. Paul Newman loved racing and he and Tom Cruise just starred in a movie together (this was before Cruise did his own racing movie).It can be very creepy to other people, picking up where you left off on phone conversation from two years before. Even deciding what to say in a regular day-to-day conversation can be difficult because I don’t know what is ‘normal’ versus too much detail.
Does anyone know a quick way to develop photographic memory?
A: Try this exercise: Frequently close your eyes and recall images of what you have seen, in as much detail as possible – pictures, books, experiences – exercise your mind’s muscles and they will continue to improve and grow stronger, as will your photographic memory. At the same time, while relaxing, program your subconscious mind with the message that your power of recall is becoming better and better every day, that there is nothing in your memory that is beyond recall when it is required. Good luck!
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