Is there any way to induce dreams

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One method involves telling yourself when you go to bed that you’ll recall your dreams and then recognizing when you are dreaming. [ Source: ]
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Is there a way to induce wet dreams?
Ceasing masturbation is a sure-fire way to induce wet dreams, though you won’t have much control over exactly when they occur. Wet dreams, or ‘nocturnal emissions’ is the body’s way of getting rid of stale sperm so that it can make room for…
Is there a way to induce vivid dreams?
I have heard that melatonin causes vivid dreams.
What’s the best way to naturally induce a lucid dream??
Look into ways of messing up (for lack of a better phrase), your sleep patterns. LaBerge and Rheingold et al have written on this so Google what they have to say about it. If you are trying to hold down a job it can be a tricky method to pr…

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is there any way of inducing certain kinds of dreams?
Q: ok my whole situation is that this guy i’m really into i can’t have. so i had a few good dreams about him once and really enjoyed them. it was like he really was with me. it’d b so good if i could just go to sleep and dream about him, like it’d be a second reality. is there anyway of like inducing dreams? like does it help if you think about the topic before you go to sleep or write about it or is it just totally random? and how can you remember the dreams when you wake up, because dreams you can’t remember i find are no use to you. maybe it’s a useless questions…but it’d b nice to hear ppl’s views.
A: I had a friend who was really into her dreams…she actually went to “dream classes”. I attended one session with her and I thought everyone was whacko to be honest!!Anyhow, she smoked pot (there seems to be a connection there but that’s another story) and was always focused on the mystical side of life and oddly enough she was able to sleep in a lucid state a good deal of the time and could actually control her dreams. So if she wanted to dream she was on a beach with sexy dude making hay day, off she would be….and then one day she got totally freaked out and had this dream where she was looking in the mirror at herself and she turned into this old hag like a witch and her face got all ugly and old and her hair turned grey and kept growing and growing and same with her fingernails and she woke up screaming.After that she never tried to control her dreams again and in fact was very afraid to go to sleep.So…moral of the story? I don’t know…frankly I stopped hanging around her as she was getting a little too flakey for my liking.So yes…you can…just train your mind to do so if that is what you really want. It’s in the lucid state (usually just before getting up) that you can do that.
Are there any proven techniques that a person can do to induce dreams?
Q: More specifically dreams that a person will be able to recall the following day.
A: All natural dream inducing herbs have been used for over 1000 years to induce lucid dreaming by shamans from all corners of the world. These herbs include African Dream Root, Silene capensis, Dream Inducing Herb, Calea zacatechichi and Entada rheedii African Dream Herb. Valerian has also been used as a sleep aid and dream inducer for over 1,000 years as well as to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease levels of anxiety and stress, and enhance sleep.If you prefer to induce the dreams without the herbs, another method you can try is:1) Sit in your bed, and tell yourself that you are leaving behind the cares and concerns of the day, and are becoming more settled.2) Look softly at your hands, and as you do so, tell yourself in a caring manner that, “Tonight while I am dreaming, I will see my hands and realize that I am dreaming.”3) Continue to softly look at your hands and mentally repeat the affirmation, “Tonight while I am dreaming, when I see my hands, I will realize that I am dreaming.”4) Don’t be bothered if your eyes cross, or you begin to get tired, remain at peace and continue to repeat slowly and gently your intent to become lucid.5) After about five minutes or once you feel too tired or sleepy, quietly end the practice.6) Gently remind yourself of your intention to see your hands in a dream and then realize that you are dreaming, and go to sleep.7) When you wake up in the middle of the night, gently recall your intention to see your hands and realize that you are dreaming. Try to remember your last dream; did you see your hands? 8) Followed faithfully each night ( with a welcoming mental atmosphere ), you should have a lucid dream within the first week – maybe after only one or two nights!9) When it happens, and suddenly you see your hands in your dreams and you make the connection, “This is a dream!”, try to stay calm and explore the dream environment. Later, when you wake from your lucid dream, take a moment and write it down in your dream journal — write the entire dream; how you realized you were dreaming; what you did while aware that you were dreaming, etc.
Is there a way to induce vivid dreams?
Q: How can I “activate” a dream when I go to sleep? I know nicotine patches work, but I’m a non-smoker. Are there any pills/herbs that I can take that works every time?
A: I have heard that melatonin causes vivid dreams.
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