What about biting your nails

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The habit of excessive biting, chewing fingernails & periungual skin is called onychophagia, associated with anxious children. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-biting-your-nails ]
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How to Stop Biting My Nails
・ 1 Pay attention to the times you bite your nails. Is it at work, with certain friends, under stress,… ・ 2 See if you can reduce the situations that activate the biting. If it’s stress, can you reorganize to… ・ 3 Set yourself a goal. T…
Why do people bite their nails?
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Nail biting is the habit of biting one’s fingernails or toenails during periods of nervousness, stress, hunger, or boredom. It can also be a sign of mental or emotional disorder. Accordin…
Is biting your nails bad for you?
The area beneath the nails harbors a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, and easily picks up more from the environment. Biting your nails is an excellent way to catch every cold, flu strain, and other infection in the area. In addition to…

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Whats so bad about biting your nails?
Q: I bite them regularly to keep them down, i don’t really use nail clippers except for on my toes. I also read that it is better to keep your nails straight not curved, is that true? If so why?
A: u can get infections when u bite them really short, and they look GROSS! its a nasty habit.plus biting ur nails means u put ur fingers in ur mouth, and if u havent washed ur hands, ur basically biting on dirt and germs.if u want to keep ur nails trimmed, use nail clippers! its safer, more sanitary, and ur nails will look hella better.
After biting your nails for about 4 years,how long will it take for your nails to become normal- length/shape?
Q: I have obviously beaten the habit because I am wearing Invisalign and therefore there is no way i can bite my nails. My nails are extremely short compared to a person who doesnt bite their nails. And they are in a really weird shape.
A: It may be difficult to get them into normal shape because of the years of abuse. it’s going to take about five months for them to be at a normal length. I recommend you take a good quality multi-vitamin twice daily as this will help give the nails the nutrients they need. Eat lots of good quality protein as that helps the nails. Massage a good quality hand cream into your nails every night before bedtime. This is going to help them become stronger.
If you bite your nails have the habit of biting your nails could I have a picture of them for a collage?
Q: If you bite your nails please can you help. I would like to ask you could I send some pictures of your bittern finger nails please could you Emile them to me at [email protected] need as many pictures of biting nails as I can get. Please can every one help with this if they have the habit of biting your nails thanks. I am not going to be putting the pictures all over the internet it’s going to be for a collage so you will be safe only a few people will see and they will not ever know who you are. Please don’t be embarrassed the more you bite them the batter this is the only time your ever going to be told this the shorter you can bite them the better. Also if you have any other things that you think would help then send them to meMany thanks for your help Peter.
A: I think its best you go around with a video camera and view people that are biting nails. because in the picture a person could appear as if they are biting their finger, but in actuality they are posing for the camera.
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