What are emotionals

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There is no word found for “emotionals” but emotions are a state of feeling. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-emotionals ]
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Emotion, in its most general definition, is an intense mental state that arises automatically in the nervous system rather than through conscious effort, and evokes either a positive or negative psychological response. An emotion is often d…
Emotions, often called feelings, include experiences such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, and grief. Emotions are related to, but different from, mood. Emotions are specific reactions to a particular event that are usually of…
Anna : [Fake crying] Oh, I’m gonna cry Pete! I mean, it’s bittersweet, the fact that Will and I won’t be involved next time around. I had my first auditions for this when I was 13, and I’m 19 now. So it’s been a big chunk of my life. I don’…

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How do you control your emotionals and not cry when someone passes away?
Q: ?
A: I will follow the answers to this with great interest. I share your problem. I find it’s usually my empathy for others that gets to me. When I see a child, wife, husband etc. of someone that’s passed away, overcome with grief, my heart goes out to them and I can’t stop the tears either.The only thing I’ve found that helps a bit is to try and think about something other than where I am, not listen to the eulogy etc. My mother is the same. I guess we’re just destined to wear our hearts on our sleeves.
Do you think it is a good idea to send a FYI to Bill clinton to leave his feelings and emotionals out of this?
Q: Bill we love you but this is Hillary’s to win not yours. You should watch your slip of the tongue and stop baiting the media with your usual charisma because I thoink that is a distraction. Send you FYI to Bill here if yiu love Hillary,,, Tell Bill what he is doing wrong if you love a denocrat win in November.
A: Slick Willy earned that name lol!!!!!!!!Possibly the smartist and slickest politician ever!But at the end you must remember that he is still a spouse and will do what is best for his wife.Hope this helps.
Does a woman need a man for emotionals support more than a man needs a woman for the same thing?
A: I would say it depends on the man and the women, but overall the same. Just that men have learned to internalize their emotions while many women have learned it is okay to show them.But both men and women are hurt by many thngs and need others for support.
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