What are four emotions

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Joy, trust, fear, and surprise are four of the major emotions. The others are sadness, fear, anger, and anticipation. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-four-emotions ]
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Are These Four Emotional Pitfalls Sabotaging Your Trading?
I wanted to share an excerpt with you from Jeffrey Kennedy’s Trader’s Classroom Collection on emotions in trading. This selection is taken from not only a larger article available for you, but from a series of other lessons that are availab…
What are your emotions after four years of watching the selection…?
Really, I’m just worried about what day we’re playing. Now we have time to get down and focus and get back and practice to get ready for the tournament. When we’re watching the show, my whole thing is to find out who we’re playing and where…
Did that really carry you through the last three or four holes, t…?
SCOTT VERPLANK: You know what, when you know that the majority of the crowd is pulling for you, you know, it’s comfortable, actually. I guess that’s why some of these other guys are so damn good; they’ve always got all these big crowds foll…

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four constructive and destructive ways in the emotions of fear?
Q: four constructive and destructive ways in the emotions of fear?
A: Constructive, Having Alertness, Inner Strength, Being more aware, Learning from Mistakes / Past experience, Destructive, Having Anger, (being Angry), having Rage, Having Hatred, being Hurt, (Mentally+Emotional)…Others, having anxiety, being scared…
Give me four emotions? Please click!?
Q: I have an art project and it’s “Abstract Emotions in Art”I need four different emotions I can draw out?Can you give me some ideas on how..For example anger.. lot’s of red etc. but more ideas please?What kind of lines etc?
A: Show an angry face in closeup, background a storm, lightening and lot of red color – Angera figure in calm Yogic position, a distance (long) shot, with lot of green and blue (Jungle with blue sky or/and sea) around – Peace (Green is also for peace)A marble temple or church with pure white clothed people around – PurityTwo young girls fighting, one tearing others new lovely dress – with lot of yellow around – JealousyA depressed closeup face, with lot of black around (Stone building, or stony surrounding, burned place etc.) – Sadness or depressionChildren playing in drizzle with sun light and plenty of colors – Rainbow for happiness
Is it a really bad thing to show your emotions in front of your children?
Q: I’m going through a really tough time, my relationship with my partner is falling apart, I’ve got a job I hate which pays terribly and my mum is about to die. I really feel like I’m about to fall apart and every now and again I think that my daughter see’s that I’m fed up and sad. I mean I’m not hysterical or anything, I’m just a bit sad and my daughter has caught me crying recently (she’s four). How much emotion should you allow your children to see?
A: It depends. I say its okay some of the time as long as you explain to them (not in too much detail) why you’re upset. The problem with being too emotional to often is that children sometimes want to start comforting you all the time and that’s not healthy either. They’ll spend too much time worrying about you and trying to find ways to make your life better or easier even if it takes away from them and their childhood. I’ve cried in front of my kids in the past but I didn’t just leave it at that. I explained that sometimes mommy gets overwhelmed and sad and that it was normal and for them not to worry about it. Adults should never use their children for comfort (not say you are… you’re clearly not). But cry whenever you need. If you’re not comfortable sneak away into your room and let it out. It sounds like you’ve got more than enough reasons to let it out. Best of luck to you.
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