What are good things to do when your scared

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Close your eyes and think about the happiest moments of your life. Or maybe think of jokes! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-good-things-to-do-when-your-scared ]
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What’s the silliest thing you are scared of?
Reality. I can’t stand the abnormal world we all live in. If this is a dream or not – to live in the face of certain death. Good things happen, you wish life would just go on and bad things happen, you wish another good thing would happen. …
How to cope with things-i’m scared
My Dad is very poorly at the moment with pancreatic cancer. He spends most of his time sleeping. Some… Posted to How to cope with things-i’m scared by Carolyn1 on 23 Sep 2009
What was the last thing that scared you?
Getting some bad news of a personal nature but that’s for me to know.

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When does a child become scared of things?
Q: The other night it was quite stormy outside and I heard nora cry, and my first thought (this was at 4am) was my god she is scared! Turned out she was hungry.So after that, i wondered if babies get scared of anything?And when does a child become scared of things?
A: my youngest son is 9 months old and he is scared of our dogs. he loves watching them but as soon as they come within 3 feet of him he pulls up his legs and tries to climb higher on me and turns his face away from them. i just tell the dogs to stay away if they get to close for max’s comfort. the dogs are outside dogs but i sometimes take max out to watch them and so the dogs don’t forget that he is still around.
What are good things to eat when your jaw is wired shut?
Q: In december I will be getting upper and lower jaw surgury. Im really scared, but I need it. I just want to know some foods to eat, healthy ones, seeing as i can only drink liquids i dont wanna be making milkshakes everytime im hungry! I want some healthy stuff. Also if you have any info, or have got your jaw broken, any tips would be appriciated (:
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what is a phobia called when your scared of fake things that look real, eg: dolls?
Q: my mom has had a phobia since she was little. she said ‘the best way to describe it, is if there is something that isn’t real, but acts real’for example, if she saw a mannequin, she would still not like to look at it (unless it was obviously fake, like no facial features) but if it moved its head or something, it would terrify her.the more real is looks, or acts, the more it scares herdoes anyone know what this is called?
A: Fear of dolls is called Pediophobia. I’m not sure what the fear of mannequins is called but it’s very common. It can be treated usually in two main ways.One is by the head-on approach which is quite painful to do (emotionally) but effective, & that is by staring at the object (the doll or mannequin) until eventually the anxiety subsides & the person is bored of the image. It’s very effective.The other way is by looking briefly at photos of the thing. Even if for a few seconds, then look away. So, it’s not the actual thing but it does cause anxiety at first so it’s easier than the first method. If the person needs to hold someones hand to have comfort & reassurance while they do this, it’s okay. Then the looking at the photo can be extended slightly each time until it can be looked at without discomfort & then the photo held. Eventually, the person can begin to look at the actual object gradually too. It takes longer but it can be done no matter how long the person has had this phobia.I wish your mum all the best
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