What are signs of being suicidal

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Threats of suicide including talking about suicide,hinting or writing about suicide.If you need help, dial:1-800-273-TALK (8255). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-signs-of-being-suicidal ]
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How would i know if i am suicidal?
You’d be thinking a lot about your own death,or just ending your life. Suicidal people aren’t only people who have attempted it. It involves thoughts of wanting to die,feeling like you may harm yourself or feeling hopeless and not wanting t…
What are some signs of someone being suicidal?
Talking about it, giving things away that may be special to them, and wanting a friend or relative to have it before they commit suicide. Doing little things to themselves, to get up the courage to actually do it. Looking depressed, acting …
What r signs of being suicidal?
You can’t get to sleep at night without consoling yourself with thoughts of killing yourself.

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What are the major signs of someone suicidal?
Q: It’s not me. I need to know the major signs of someone who is suicidal. The male is 25 years of age.
A: It’s difficult to tell if someone is depressed to the point of suicide unless they actually mention thoughts of death. Many times they will say that life isn’t worth living anymore, may start to give away some of their belongings, or say ‘if anything happens to me…..”. If you suspect he is seriously depressed, try to get him to see a doctor. If you know him well enough, you could try talking to his family members about your concerns. Sometimes just telling him you care and asking him point-blank can help.
What are the major signs of someone being suicidal?
Q: I feel helpless. My Aunt ( father’s sister ) committed suicide 5 years ago. Depression runs thick in my blood. Now my father and mother split after 30 years. I am close to my dad. Although I feel he has lost his mind. It’s only getting worse. We talk for long periods of time on the phone. I do my best to make him feel better, I try SO hard to help him. It just feels as though he is trapped in his own world. So sad, and he tries to listen to my kind words, although just can’t. He told me today that he already feels dead, that he has NO self esteem. I said to please keep fighting. Cause I need to know that our family can make it, that we are strong. He answered… That us family are not fighters, that’s just how it is. He feels he can’t go on. Lately he has not said the words ” I will kill myself.” Although I know something is really wrong, and it isnt’ getting any better. HELP??? I feel so helpess. I feel if my dad committs suicide, then it will poisen me forever.
A: You are a good and caring daughter. There are several things you can try to do to help your dad. One would be to suggest that he make an appointment with his doctor to discuss his feelings of depression, and be professionally evaluated. You could offer to go with him, but he may not want you to. The previous post about talking with a pastor or someone in his community is a good one, too. Look up the number of a suicide prevention hotline that serves his area and give him the number. Make him promise that he will not do anything to harm himself until he calls that number. This is a very scary thing to go through and I feel for you. Good luck, and God bless! I will keep you and your dad in my prayers.
what r signs of being suicidal?
Q: how do u tell, thank u.
A: You can’t get to sleep at night without consoling yourself with thoughts of killing yourself.
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