What are some Embarassing moments

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Farting in public! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-embarassing-moments ]
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What are some embarassing moments?
Umm..recently? Two weeks ago going down to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. with some friends and wearing a short plaid skirt. It was a windy day. *blush!*
What is your most embarrassing moment?
I was once dragged in to cover the local Manchester elections and had to go to Stretford and Urmston where Jordan (the model) was running for the seat as something of a PR stunt.  As she left the hall – in last place I recall – I ran alongs…
Did you have any embarassing moments building?
When the ICF Contractor didn’t brace the walls properly and the entire house fell down, costing $16K in damaged material.

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What were some of your most embarassing moments when you had your period?
Q: There was one time in grammar school where I sat for 40 minutes when I stood up, all the blood came rushing down and I was really worried. I asked my godsister to go with me to the bathroom and to check if there’s any blood stains on it and there were some but not noticeable. Heh then when I take out pads to put into my pockets during lunch, people either say ‘OHHH’ or say aloud, ‘You’re on your period?’
A: My most embarrassing moment was when I first got my period…I was 12 and it happened on New Years Eve…my Mother had never talked to me about it…on New Years day we were going to my Grandmas for family stuff and I remember in the car, my Mother telling me that I needed to change my pad because she could smell the blood…in front of my step-dad…how embarrassing!! I mean, she could have talked to me in private about it and explained things to me! UUGGG!lol
What are some embarassing moments you have dealed with?
Q: What are some embarassing moments you have dealed with?
A: absolutely too many embarrassing moments!the best thing is to realise that life is only fun WITH these spontaneous crazy moments…..second thing….to laugh at it..and have funthird…NEVER feel embarrassed!
What are some of you or your friends most embarassing moments?
Q: Myself and 3 of my closest friends have know each other for about 20 years and we have a list between us(in our head not paper) of the most embarrassing moments of our crew.In no particular order1. Trying to open up the wrong car thinking its yours for 10 min2. Flicking the ash of your cigg. out the window while your driving and getting the cherry in your eye.3. Thinking the car floor was buring when it was actually your jacket
A: my friend is a teacher and was playing with the children one day, play fighting, and he gave a ten year old a bloody nose.
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