What are some good ways to prevent panic attacks

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Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Exercise on a regular basis, Eliminate or reduce caffeine, Eliminate alcohol and tobacco [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-good-ways-to-prevent-panic-attacks ]
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Are there ways to prevent panic attacks?
Good starting points for reducing the frequency of future panic or anxiety attacks include: educating yourself about anxiety symptoms, causes, and treatments maintaining a healthy lifestyle learning how to reduce your anxiety working with a…
What are some ways to help prevent/help stop Panic attacks??
I think it depends on what is the cause of the panic attacks. I don’t suffer from severe panic attacks but I can start to panic under certain conditions. Personally, taking deep breaths and allowing yourself to feel the emotion works for me…
How to Prevent Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks – Learn Effective W…?
It happens anywhere, anytime, catching you off guard and leaving you filled with high levels of unexplainable fears. This sinking feeling makes you think that something tragic is about to happen or is already happening, although it is only …

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what is are some natural ways to prevent panic attacks?
Q: i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety/panic attacks. i dont want to take meds. i want a natural way to cure/prevent it.
A: You could try meditation, you know breathing control, maybe take up yoga? Or you could try things like rescue remedy, which are natural herbs. I listen to my favorite music as that ‘chill’ stuff and meditative music don’t do much for me but you could try them. Natural sounds like whales are suppose to work too. Good luck with it, I’ve had panic attacks too, and they’re not very nice 🙂
Ways to prevent panic attacks or something similiar to one?
Q: I have been doing inhaling and exaling/ stretching at the same time when I think my heart is pounding in abnormal way. I actually had a severe panic attack when I was 15 and it had a great physical effect on me and was very traumatic. Is there any other ways to prevent a panic attack other than exercise (which I do) and inhaling/exhaling and stretching?
A: I find breathing slowly (inhaling whilst slowly counting from 1-8 in a relaxing voice and then repeating this as you exhale) helps a lot. I listened to a relaxation CD for stress and then began using the techniques described in there to help my panic attacks, I’ve found it really useful :)Like someone else said here: Panic attacks can be really scary, but you can overcome them! Good luck 🙂 xx
What are some ways to prevent a panic attack?
Q: I do have this stuff called Rescue Remedy, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. So if someone has any techniques they know or use to help prevent a panic attack, I’d greatly appreciate knowing them.
A: One thing is to try and stop listening to the scary thoughts in your head by using your senses. Look around you and notice 10 things you seeLook around you and notice 10 things you hearLook around you and notice 10 things you feel This is pretty hard as you will want to focus on the scary thoughts but keep repeating this exercise till you feel like your back to normal in the present moment …. Another thing to do is quickly find someone to talk too … Start having a conversation with someone anyone. You will focus on the conversation not on the thoughts in yur head. It takes practice but it works well
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