What are some Tips on becoming confident

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A good tip on being confident is to not let what other people say about you. in any way affect the way you feel about yourself. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-tips-on-becoming-confident ]
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Does anyone have any tips on becoming confidant?
Start by loving yourself and being comfortable with who you are. Try to get out more with friends and meeting different people. Check out this website, it should help you. Good luck and GET OUT!
How to Become More Self Confident – 5 Simple Tips?
・ 1 Practice reacting aggressively and positively towards fears in your imagination. Do this every time… ・ 2 Take risks. Take a Chance. Taking risks reduces lack of self confidence and sets you free to do what… ・ 3 Let your actions show…
Can You Give Me Some Tips On How To Become More Confident And App…?
think what you wanna feel sex appeal is 50% what you think got and 50% what other people think you got. look in the mirror and highlight your best features. like someone said before appreciate the fact that you not ugly. maybe you have gorg…

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I am an extremely shy person and want some tips onto becoming more confident. Any ideas?
A: Don’t try to put yourself in a box with a condition or stereotype. It only limits you even further. As a coach and counselor who works with people like you everyday I can tell you that your issue is that you are not secure in yourself. You are reliant on other people’s approval and validation in order for you to be yourself. You react to others and circumstances instead of responding from a place within yourself. The answer? Get to know yourself, find your strengths, praise your gifts. know that you are a worthy wonderful person when you are true to yourself and no one else can give this to you ever. You are incredible and unique and that is what you need to express 100% of the time. How others around you behave is irregardless of this fact. It should not affect how you treat yourself, the choices you make, or the way you act. Be you and love it.Let me know if I can help.Be well.
Tips on becoming confident?
Q: does anyone have any tips on becoming more confident infront of people? … okay so every would think im confident but truth is im not… i find it hard to be open about things… any tips?
A: here read this it might helphttp://www.wikihow.com/Be-Confidentalso remember “to fake it till you make it” as jessica alba once quoted.
What are your tips for becoming more confident in yourself?
Q: Share, share, share!!
A: Just know that everyone has imperfections, even the most wonderful, beautiful people in the world. Know that people in general are more likely to respond positively to you than they are negatively. Don’t worry about what anyone other than yourself thinks of you. Be narcissistic but not to a degree that makes you a bitch.
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