What are some ways to keep your cool

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Breathe deeply, slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as “relax” or “take it easy”, and visualize a relaxing experience. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-to-keep-your-cool ]
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What are some creative ways to keep cool when its hot?
To stay cool drink or eat cold foods, take a cool shower, use a fan, go swimming, and circulate air by opening windows. Keep Cool!
What’s your Top Ten list of ways to keep your cool when playing L…?
Always bring your teammates up – you’ll always be up. 7. Don’t think about any one thing too long, good or bad.
How to Keep Cool in the Summer the Old-Fashioned Way?
・ 1 Rent or buy a home that has porches and lots of windows on the sides where the prevailing winds are… ・ 2 Hang trellis on the western side of your porch to block the hot afternoon sun. Plant perennials like… ・ 3 Small birds like wren…

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What are some ways to keep your cool at work/school when…?
Q: What are some ways to keep your cool at work/school when dealing with a difficult coworker or classmate?
A: (Difficult Coworker) – Maintain your sense of ethics, self-confidence and self-esteem. Those are attributes difficult coworkers don’t have.Be as pleasant and professional as you can in the face of adversity. Difficult coworkers are often miserable and love making others as miserable as they are. You don’t have to get down to their level, or change in order to suit them. Develop a life outside the workplace. Don’t make your job your life. I’ve found that difficult coworkers don’t have a life outside the workplace, and thus make their job their life, i.e. backstabbing, conniving, etc.How did I manage to deal with an extremely difficult coworker? It wasn’t easy, but I ignored her, focused on my job description, maintained a life outside the workplace and kept my eye on the prize – retirement.
what are some good ways to keep your house cool if you dont have an AC?
Q: we have a small house and I was wondering what would be some good ways to keep it cool inside.especially since the temperature has been reaching the triple digits for the past 2 weeks.I think the only time it barely gets cool in our house is when its almost morning.anyway, do you have any suggestions?we have 2 fans going during the day and I think those just blow the hot air around.we do have an ac but its one of those small window ones and its only good for one room.
A: In addition to your first answer, putting a tub with a block of ice in front or behind your fans will help to blow cool air. Before air conditioning, we had a water cooler. it was huge and was set on legs outside a window, much like an air conditioner. The roll type fan blew over water kept below the ‘blower’ and through excelsor that surrounded the fan and was somehow kept wet. In real hot weather, we would put ice in the tray of water.I have used ice with a box fan before I had air conditioning.I opened the house and pulled the cool night air in by putting the fan in a window, but it must be moved away from the window before the air outside begins to warm. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. When coming or going, be prepared with everything you are taking with you so you can get the door closed as quickly as possible. Check around windows and doors to see if you feel warm or hot air. Seal or cover the window or door to keep them airtight. Block ice in the kitchen sink and tub adds a little cold to your warm air.But the best way to keep cool is a cold shower or bath and loose clothes. Water drops body temporature 300 times faster than air. Go outside and hose yourself, and others, down. Play under the sprinkler or just pull up a lawn chair. Fill a kiddy pool. Keeping a damp tee shirt on with a fan blowing is excellent if your at your wits end. A tub of cold water to put your feet in helps cool the body.Hope you try the cold hose, pool or cold shower. It is amazing. Great for just before bed on a hot night.One more thing. When mother was a child, she remembers keeping sheets and pillow cases (or the whole pillow) in the freezer (ice box when she was a child).Summer will be over soon. It is almost August. Just a month to go.
What are some ways to keep your dog cool in the summer?
Q: The house is warm and the dog is panting. Even if she’s just resting, she could be pating. Any ideas on how to keep her cool?Ha! Sooty Cat, after I read your answer, I looked over my shoulder to see my dog lying in front of the fan my dad uses. Ha!Thanks, that is a good idea!
A: My daughter had a dog and she had a kiddi pool that her dog LOVED to get into.Also dogs love ice cubes.How about central air,got mine a couple of yrs. ago,and it is a life saver for my older dog AND ME.Take care and GOD BLESS
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