What are some ways to relax yourself

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You could try relaxing yourself with a daydream. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-to-relax-yourself ]
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What are some ways to relax yourself?
listen to music, curl up in a blanket, drink some hot tea or hot chocolate. it always helps for me. [:
What ways have you used to relax and keep yourself from getting a…?
We tried for 2 years after getting off of depo. All we got was a miscarriage in those 2 years. We just gave up and I didn’t go back onto birth control figuring if it happens it happens. It was after we gave up that we became pregnant with o…
What are the ways you tend to relax yourself
Close your eyes and think about good things.Pray to god or just go for a walk and watch children play.

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what are some ways to relax yourself?
Q: or calm yourself when you are upset? is there anything special you like to do for yourself to make yourself feel better.is there a place you go. something you do , a way you rebel, whatever.
A: I have an anxiety disorder, so calming methods are my thing. The whole “breathe and count to 10” thing works for me. I also sing a song called “Dont Give Up” by Josh Groban. It calms me. If those things dont work, I have three more choices. 1) Call my mom, and she’ll talk me down. 2) Meditate – I focus on only my breathing. In Out In Out 3) Xanax. I hope this hepls!
What are some good ways to relax yourself?
Q: I’m probably going to ask a girl out that I like. Whenever I get into the same class as her I get nervous though, even though we talked a lot before. What are things I can think to myself that can help me calm down? or maybe chewing gum or something will help? any good ideas?
A: There isn’t much I can say, but…Try this. :)When you’re around her, think aboutmaking (visualize it) the atmosphereas laid-back as possible. Try to feelthe relaxation in the laid-back atmos-phere, and you may feel much morecomfortable much quicker. It worksfor me. So, it can’t hurt!It may seem really hard at first, butjust think of how the other personmust feel. If you have any idea atall, just think of her as an old friend….you know, that comfortable feeling.Hope you two hit it off. Haha. Goodluck. 🙂
Ways to relax yourself after a stressful day?
Q: Bleh, just had a long hot bath… anything else I can do to relax myself now?Had the worst day ever. Bleh.
A: play with yourself.
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