What are some ways to relieve anger

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To relieve anger, make time to practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathe, meditate or do yoga, anything that relaxes you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-to-relieve-anger ]
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What are some ways to Relieve Anger?
The answers that were put up before I got here are all excellent – working out, exercising and masturbation. If this doesn’t work, there are so many more: Hitting Pillows Ripping Phone Books Learning Meditation/Yoga Karate or other Asian di…
the best way to do so would be by going to a place by ur self and just stay there. the more ppl around you the worse its gonna be. i had one cousin who flipped out at one of our family get together’s and i had to walk him outside with my ot…
How is a healthy way to relieve anger?
drink a large glass of cold water, i learned in anger management.・ wishnuwelltoo Says: March 2nd, 2009 at 10:54 am I was going to say kick boxing, but… Maybe running … ・ jbachoo Says: March 3rd, 2009 at 6:21 pm Fill your mind and meditate…

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What are some good ways to relieve anger?
A: Exercise – gor for a long run. When you get back whatever you were angry about will seem a distent memory.
What are some great ways to get rid of Anger?
Q: I find that I get angry to quick and I am really ashamed of my behavior and yelling.I need some good ways to relieve anger.I would like to pick up boxing but I dont have the money for that sort of stuff.I am low income so please nothing fancy.
A: Physical activity and breathing/ meditation excercises reduce your irritability.As I can guess from your input, you’re under lots of pressure, and one of its sources is your income. I can assure you that when you start caring for yourself (yoga, tae bo, whatever you choose – just buy a video for starters – it’s a one-time investment that will give you a start) eventually, everything will sort itself out, and things will be better, you’ll see.I can also guess that you lack your private territory, so to speak, and any interaction with others puts you on the defensive (as you probably know, attack is the best defense :)Try to imagine that inside yourself you have a private space, a room, where you can go and hide from everybody; and each time you feel insecure and on the nerves, try to remember of this private room, where nobody except yourself has access.You could even pick a talisman of sorts, a small object fitting into your pocket, maybe a small pillbox, that will remind you of this inner space.Use your imagination and try to ask yourself questions, like ‘what made me angry?’. Questions help to distance yourself from the situation and look at it at a different, more rational angle.I sincerely hope you’ll find here some helpful answers.Cherish yourself, pay more attention to yourself, and be happy :)Good luck!
what are some ways to relieve anger and stress?
A: myself i train in martial arts ( Kempo to be exact ) i remove myself from my problem so i am not around the person or place. then i focus on the fact that i am in a area where no one can get to me mentaly to stress me out more. plus the exersise helps the fustration part of it. or i just leave and go to a cheap movie or something. but sitting around does not help unless your planning on sleeping. just make sure to lock yourself in the room and don’t awnser the phone or door until you cool down. make it your terms of when you feel relaxed enough to go back, not cause you get called somewhere otherwise you carry the stress or anger with you.
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