What are the 5 perspectives of psychology

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There are only three perspectives of psychology: psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanistic. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-5-perspectives-of-psychology ]
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What are the comparison between the five perspectives in psycholo…?
They each tend to be rooted to each other. For example, humanistic/existential were developed in the 50s-60s in reaction to the psychodynamic perspective to emphasize interpersonal connections/ freedom/personal choice, and behavioralism was…

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Give two examples of the 5 modern perspectives within psychology?
Q: The five perspectives are biological, learning, cognitive, sociocultural, and psychodynamic.
A: This question seems to be a little too academic for this site.. was this your home work …?
what are the reasons why the schools of thought in psychology are reduced into 5 basic perspectives?
A: For convenience of human understanding. Remember that, Nature doesn’t know about the divisions we create, to facilitate our human understanding, of natural phenomenon.
what are some strengths and weaknesses of the biological perspective of psychology?
Q: I need to know some key strengths and weaknesses of the biological perspective of psychology. please help.at least 5 each. thanks.
A: weaknesses:-1) It does not take into consideration environmental factors2) It believes we are unchangeable in so much as we are either predestined to be great pianists or were not!can’t think of any more at the mo :)best wishes,Angel x
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