What are the nature of ideas

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An idea (Greek: ) is a specific thought or concept that arises in the mind of a person as a result of thinking. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-nature-of-ideas ]
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What is hindus ideas on nature?
I would like to know more about this too,
Why have cios embraced your ideas about the nature of disruptive …?
I have a little vignette in The Innovator’s Dilemma about how people were trying to fly in the Middle Ages by fabricating wings, strapping them onto their arms, jumping and flapping real hard. For centuries subsequent innovators framed the …
Do you derive any ideas from nature or other disciplines??
I get my inspiration everywhere, but rarely from nature. It’s more of an everyday life situation that inspires me the most, the idea of how people live well in a simple way.

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Fall & Winter are coming, I need some photography ideas, for nature pictures, and me & my cousin pictures?
Q: Fall is almost here, and Winter will soon follow. I need some photography ideas- Nature/Animal photography- Pictures of me and my cousin (he is 3)Thank you to the answer #1I need as many ideas as possible =)
A: For nature pictures try and capture the change of the seasons. For instance, the leaves when they change color. And in the winter the bare tree. Other fall nature ideas would be the late sky sunsets. The gloomy yet beautiful days. Pumpkins and corn. You and your cousin could take a picture in a pile of colorful leaves.
What are some good nature ideas for rooms?
Q: I was thinking about re-doing my room.I wanted the theme to be nature/green.I already have lime green walls.Are purple and green okay for a nature theme. Or should I do lime green and brown.If there is anything else I need to know please tell me!Thank you so much 🙂
A: Ideas:a. Twigs from outside for bouquets, sculptures or artsy wall hangingsb. Stick with more neutral colors.. brown sounds good.. maybe even antique whitec. Candles that smell like sage by the bed..d. small, rustic wood pieces of furniture, like a stool or rocking chaire. “grass plants” or wheatgrass in a shallow pots, sitting in the window sillf. I’ve even wrapped white christmas lights around homemade twig sculptures and hung them from the ceiling & around my bedframe.. it looked really nice
Does anyone have good ideas for nature crafts involving birds and/or reptiles for gradeschool children?
Q: Looking for 2 craft ideas for a nature day camp focused on ecology. One craft relates to birds and the other to reptiles. The campers will be grades 1 through 5. Craft should take no longer than 1/2 hour.
A: Maybe make a bird feeder. Here’s a site with a couple of ways to do so. http://kidscrafts.suite101.com/article.cfm/easy_to_make_bird_feeders Here’s an idea for making a snake using old neckties…they can be purchased cheaply at a Goodwill or yard sale. http://www.creative-child-activity-notebook.com/kid-craft-activity.html
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