What are the symptoms of a compulsive liar

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Notice how often the person seemingly lies. Compulsive liars lie on a regular and ongoing basis, it’s a habit they cannot break. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-of-a-compulsive-liar ]
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What are traits of a compulsive liar?
traits are hair color eye color..traits pass they parents to their childrens on gene
How can you tell if someone is a complusive liar?
You can tell when someone is a complusive liar when that person always changes up stories about something that happend to her/him and also when they tend to exagerate
Are you a Compulsive Liar?
lol yes! like i dont even mean to.

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How do I get rid of my compulsive liar of a “friend”?
Q: Okay I have been tolerantly putting up with his compulsive lying for many years now and I just can’t take it anymore, and as some of you may know this is extremely frustrating. There is no getting away from him as he is also somewhat of a stalker. If I don’t answer his calls he shows up at my work or my house. And I read up on the symptoms of compulsive lying, and he is a textbook case. His lying knows no bounds. Someone with similar experiences please help.
A: From a fellow devil dog’s wife, I can understand the frustration in dealing with the compulsive-liar personality. A few years before I met my husband, I had a male friend who seemed down to earth and fun to be around at first glance, but once one got an earful of his stories, it’s amazing how your view will instantly turn into one of concern.My “last straws” came about when he began dating and started to tell me about how he was being abused by this person. Nights later, he proceeded to kiss me, right behind his loved one’s back, and it downright pissed me off. I found out a day later that he went around telling people that I was deeply in love with him and that I was going to have his child one day. When your own friend (if you call it that) sells you out, you know it’s not worth it. I had no quams about confronting him and letting him know what a liar he was and how he had no idea how to treat a friend.I ended up doing the cut-off approach. At first, he was calling me off the hook, leaving emotional screaming messages about how I never answered him and how could I “leave him”, as if we were a couple. He showed up at my work several times, but luckily I would see him through the windows and get my coworkers to tell him I was busy. Since I was living with my brother (also military) who was ready to kick his ass by then, he didn’t dare show up at my home, so I lucked out there. I finally changed my number, and that was the cold end of it. I still see him around town once in a while, but all he does now is just watch. He knows not to talk to me anymore unless he has a dramatic change, which will be very unlikely.The sad thing is about these people sometimes is that they can be nice people and have good hearts at times, but they truly cannot help themselves when it comes to telling a good-sized lie. They’re storytellers, living in fantasy worlds, and while that can be fun for a while, it’s not good for everyday life. They do not realize it’s okay to be honest and that people might actually like them for that. When it comes to confidence, they definitely lack that.There are things you really have to consider as far as your friend goes. What makes him your friend to begin with? Is he there for you, or only when it’s convenient for him? Are you the one who works on the friendship and he just gets a free ride? How much of a postive/negative effect does he have on your life at this time? Consider this friendship of yours, and weigh the pros and cons.Many times, we just have to let them go. One’s worth is never truly known until it’s lost for good. Possibly he may believe your friendship may be worth it enough for him to change and start over again. But I don’t want to get too optimistic on that idea, for it’s a slim-to-none chance. Ultimately, it’s all up to you how you will go about this situation. Best of luck on this. I know it’s not as easy as many make it sound.
my brother is seeing a girl who claims she has MS,Emphazyma, and cystic fibrosis,appears to be healthy?Liar?
Q: she appears to be normal,she drinks and smokes,,She keeps telling him shes gonna die and shes gonna leave all her good fortune to him,been together for a month! I think shes a compulsive liar ,wouldnt you show some physical defects of all of these symptoms wrapped up into one?
A: Well, theoretically it would be possible to have all three of these illnesses. MS can be an invisible disease, I’ve had it for 6 years now and no-one would ever know if I did not tell it – in fact only my close friends and family knows.However, it do find it very unlikely that she would be smoking when having emphysema and cystic fibrosis and not be showing any symptoms.My guess would be that she’s lying. Of course if she’s not it would be a terrible thing to doubt her. If I were you, I’d read up and the different illnesses and maybe ask a few questions about how she’s doing – this should give you an idea whether she’s lying or not.Personally, I wouldn’t call her on it if she is, she might not be ill, but if she lies about something like this, she clearly has some issues.
what are these disorders, their symptoms, treatment and source?
Q: i need to know what each of these disorders are, their sympotoms, treatment, and source: Compulsive Liar, Depression, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dissociative Personality Disorder, Separation Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Capgras Syndrome. I need information for these for school, so if u can help in anyway id appreciate it.
A: Look in your psychology book. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain involving serotonin and nor-epinephrine. Bipolar is where a person goes from one extreme to the other[depression then the complete opposite which is mania]
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