What are the symptoms of amnesia

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The symptoms of amnesia are memory loss, confusion, and inability to recognize familiar faces or places. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-of-amnesia ]
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Impaired ability to learn new information, following the onset of amnesia (anterograde amnesia) * Impaired ability to recall past events and previously familiar information (retrograde amnesia) * False recollections (confabulation), either …
amnesia; memory loss; blackout
People with amnesia have difficulty learning new information, and/or they have difficulty recalling previously learned information. They may be disoriented and confused. Their memory deficit causes problems for them either at work, in schoo…

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How Long Does Temporary Amnesia Last And What Are The Symptoms?
Q: My Mom Hit A Pole She Has Had A CAT Scan They Said Every Thing Was Fine At The Hospital Is She Going To Be Ok Should She Drive? What Should We Do!!!!! Most Important How Long Does It Last
A: That can’t really be determined. For many, it is a very quick situation, for others it lasts longer. I would think that if she only has a “gap” in her memory and no problem with her current short or long term memory, that driving would be OK, but her doctor should be able to advise better on that.My mom suffers from a thing called “spontaneous global amnesia”, which is amnesia caused by no findable reason — but she usually comes out of it in a day or 2.
Why do I experience amnesia-like (or alzeimehr’s-like) symptoms every morning when I wake up?
Q: Each morning, I often experience amnesia-like symptoms where I can’t seem to remember where I am, and even forget my name… I don’t recognize my own room and it is quite frightening and nerve-shocking experience (it’s worse if I sleep somewhere else, i.e. a hotel room, or at a friend’s house).This usually lasts only for 7-10 seconds each day and the worse lasted up to 15 seconds (according to my friend)… He said I was acting like a complete lunatic and buffoon when this happens… Wait! I take it back, my WORST episode of this lasted approx. 30 seconds!!! I guess it was due to some quite heavy drinking and partying the night before…But, I don’t usually go to late-nite parties and raves, nor do I do heavy drinking of alcohol… and NO i’m NOT ON DRUGS or any medications just in case you wanted to be reassured… in fact, I am about average health for an average guy. And I don’t have any recurring disorders either such as epilepsy, or short-term memory disorder, etc.Oh, I forgot to add-in, that I sometimes find myself half-awake and flailing my arms and legs (because one time I dreamt of playing soccer) and I couldn’t control my limb movements… is this normal usually? =(And, I DON’T remember any of my dreams at all!!! If I do somehow manage, it is only like a faint memory which fades away as the day goes by.
A: It could be that you were just in such a deep sleep that when you wake up you are totally oblivious to where you are .. this has happened to me in the past and it usually only happened if i was really tired(to the point of exhaustion) then i would have to wake up and try and figure out where i was and after a few seconds it would come back to me…… its only happened a few times to me.. but i found on those nights i had my best sleeps and was totally refreshed……
if you have Amnesia related to Dissociation whats the treatment for it ?
Q: i have borderline personality disorder and post traumatic stress to, im 30 years old now.theres times when outside i dissocociate though and get all the symptoms of Amnesia which are :Amnesia – this can manifest itself as having gaps in your memory or the experience of ‘losing time’.the other symptoms of Dissociation i also get , does anyone else have this and no treatment options that work ?im waiting for therapy at present and are working closely with my mental health team.
A: Ironically the condition that you speak of is basically a ‘defensive mechanism’ one which many of us use[whether we want to admit it or not]! When individuals find themselves in extremely challenging situations, often time the “fight or flight” response does not fulfill the need specifically so what better alternative than let the memory/recall do its part…allowing ones recall/memory to literally ‘block out-blank out’ an unsettling experience is sometimes the only way for an individual to save their sense of self worth! It’s a survival technique! I believe that everyone has utilized such within their lifetime at one point in time or another! It is when the behavior is used to the extreme that one will possibly have some undesirable results….thus some type of intervention may be necessary to simply assist that individual via counsel &/or behavior modification. You may want to go to www.webmd.com to learn more about your situation…it is a very user friendly site with invaluable resources, go see! I commend you for seeking as well as accepting help with this situation! Take care~
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