What are things to say to cheer up a girl

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A good way to cheer a girl up is to give her a compliment or to surprise her with some good news or a thoughtful gift. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-things-to-say-to-cheer-up-a-girl ]
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What kind of things can girls say to cheer guys up??
It depends on what he’s upset about. But if you want him to feel better, down play what it is that is making him feel bad. For example, if he’s sad because he can’t make it to your party because he really wants to see you, maybe you can tel…

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Sweet things to say to a girl you like? and cheer her up?
Q: What are sweet/nice things to say to a girl that you like? …That will make her happy and cheer her up?Also what do you say when she tells you that “she’s working and hates it sometimes”, what do you respond to that to make her happy?
A: you are beautifulyou make me smilei love youi care about youyou are my worldlet them know that you will always be there for themno matter what happensyou’ll be there.
What do I say to this girl to cheer her up!?
Q: Hey so the girl I like had her heart broken by her boyfriend, and when I asked her out she said she isn’t ready yet, but I still want to be a good friend to her until she is!What are some nice messages and things I can say to her or talk about with her?
A: say like i understand and i will ask u when u r ready
How can you cheer a girl up?
Q: Sometimes my girlfriend is not happy, and i really love making her happy, and consider it my duty, even, because I care about her and dont want her to be sad. But sometimes im stumped as to how to cheer her up. Usually when shes unhappy, shes not talkative, doesn’t respond much, and is kind of bitter and sarcastic, and a little mean to the things i say. I know she doesn’t mean it, and its only temporary, but for girls, and for guys, do you know any ways to counter this and cheer a girl up?I know its different for everyone, but even any examples for specific people would help, and any general things that cheer people up. I just dont want an answer like “its different for everyone”thanks a ton guys = ) I will pick a best answer, im not one of those people who just leave it. So gimme the best you can get = )are there any ways to do it when your not with her – like over the phone or online?
A: first of all you seem really cute, and its cute how you care so much about your girl. Now, usually just little thing can help. Maybe a teddy bea, a picinc, the movies. any icecream can help too. Try to make her laugh, get her mind off the subject. Hope this helps
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