What can i do about being depressed

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There is a depression hotline with people ready to help 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. Call: 630-482-9696 Prayer helps too! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-about-being-depressed ]
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What can I do about being depressed?
The best thing to do is, get out of the house. Try to take a walk at a local park or simply around your neighborhood. Breathing that fresh air will def clear up ur mind and give you the energy to want to be out there and socialize. If you’r…
How to stop being depressed…?
You are 13. You need to stop this crap. You are young enough that with good professionals you can stop this pattern of behavior before it becomes ingrained as a personality disorder and then you will have to wait until you are 40 to grow ou…
Who Gets Depressed?
Depression is a common illness that appears in several different forms. Up to 1 out of every 12 teenagers suffers from depression. In addition, about 1 out of every 10 adults experiences a period of depression in any given year. About one-f…

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How do I keep myself from being sad at the end of every break/sunday?
Q: It is really depressing knowing I have to go back to school. School isn’t that bad but still. I mean its barely half of Sping Break and I can’t enjoy anything because school is almost back.
A: Hey,My break already ended a week ago. How many times have you had summers or breaks that you thought would never end? And where are you now?!Your living in an awkward moment. You know what I do? Stuff! Make plans! And include these plans after school when it starts. Its no the end of the world.You know what stinks for me? Today my school club went halfway across America to compete in F-I-R-S-T. And I had to go to school because I wasn’t one of the people chosen to go. But I had a great day anyway. I didn’t stop trying to have the best normal day possible just because it could have been better. And I went along with my plans as normal, supporting my team as best I could from home.Just because school is back soon doesn’t mean a thing. In fact, I can’t wait to see my friends from club on Monday…they are probably like “nooo i don’t want to leave the competition!” At least I am spared of that!Try to relax and enjoy the break. And try to stay busy, so you don’t have time to feel sad.|echo
What is the worst thing about being depressed?
Q: Five years ago, I never though I would be labeled as “mentally ill”. But now, after five years of treatment, therapy and nearly every medication available for depression symptoms, hospitalizations second and third opinions, I feel like a I’m just a research lab rat. Question: What is the worst thing about being depressed? As seen through my eyes and in order of which is most troubling, “1” being the worst.1) Being labeled as mentally ill. 2) The side effects of antidepressants?3) Friends and family members that don’t understand what you are going through.4) Wanting this to end, but it doesn’t.5) Waking up after failed suicide attempt.
A: The worst thing about being depressed, for me, is the hell it gives your family that loves you. Now you have feelings of guilt and shame added to the mix for causing your family such upset. I remember the time when I was around fourteen or fifteen and I just stayed in my room for days and wanted nothing to do with life or anything. I didn’t know how much I was affecting other people by not speaking to them and being my normal, jovial self. Then my grandmother came into my room and in desperation she asked “Just tell me what’s wrong, I don’t like to see you like this!” and I felt like the lowest person on earth. That’s the worst part about suffering from depression. It kind of makes everyone close to you suffer along with you.
How can I write about a guy being depressed?
Q: I have to write a short story and part of the story is about a guy being depressed. I only have one paragraph to write about him being depressed and this one paragraph is over several years. So how can I describe someone becoming depressed over many years in a short amount of writing?
A: As his will to live diminished dramatically, he found himself deteriorating from the inside out. Wrinkles cut deep into his skin. His hair became unkempt as he found little reason to look respectable, and with age now greatly affecting him, his once erect posture became stooped. He drank copious amounts of liquor with the curtains shut to keep him away from civilization. His reclusive lifestyle also meant he had time to dwell on his woes, which fueled the vicious cycle where he alleviates his woes by drinking.Very average as it is 2am where I am lol. Just a rouch copy for you.
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