What can i do to make it better

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Just take a deep breath, and tell yourself you will just start this day over. Turn on some music, and get some fresh air. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-make-it-better ]
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Don’t booze when you KNOW you have to get up, save it for another time when you can sleep it off etc. I have not had a drop of alcohol the night before work etc for 4 years cos it makes you feel like s**t & I love my job. Be more assert…
Here is a question from a visitor with my answers throughout. Dino: This guy has quite a case, however I can help him. He is doing great but a few hints and tips will improve his progress dramatically. I address his letter in several sectio…
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does cabbage soup diet work ? n what ingredients can i add to make it taste better ?
A: The problem is you aren’t going to actually lose any real fat and anything you DO lose you will surely gain back when you start eating real food again. You cannot maintain this “diet” for the rest of your life. It’s pointless. What you need to do is eat healthily, and exercise. You can use a site like www.livestrong.com (the daily plate section) to track your food/exercise.
What type of steel would I use to build a wood burning stove?
Q: Hi I would like to build a custome wood burning stove for my house. My dad built one with 1/4 steel sheets. and it works great. but he does not know what kind of steel he used. Is there a type of steel that would be better for thise use? and if so, what type?
A: Use the cheapest hot rolled mild steel. Anything exotic will crack and be hard to weld. You can cut it with a torch, grind it, bend it, etc. you need to line the bottom and sides up part way with fire brick to hold the heat in the fire so it will burn cleaner. The firebrick is 1″x4 1/2 x 9″ and costs $2 per brick.
What womens college would be good to go if i want to be a GYNOCOLOGISTS OR AN OPTHALMOLOGISTS?
Q: IM thinking either georgian court or st. elizabeth in new jersey.. but i need opinions.. why or why notwhat do i need to qualify?
A: your best bet for an all-womens college that will be good for your med school application is to stick with one of the “7 sisters” (Smith, Wellsley etc).Smith is good about offering grants, so the high tuition shouldnt eliminate it immediately.Smith will want you to have good grades, good SATs, and write a high quality essay. They also look VERY carefully at activities. It is hard to get in, and a womens college is not right for many women. You have to go there for an open house weekend to see for yourself.
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