What can I do to make my parents not mad at me

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How to make my parents not mad at me?
I assume you are young enough that you are depending on them to provide your cell phone and school books. So they give you a cell phone and you call it yours. You should get a part-time job and pay for your own outside expenses. If you are …
What are good ways to make your parents not mad?
how about offering to help pay the bills it would show your mature and ready to take responsibility for your actions.
How Do i make my parents not mad at u?
explain the situation calmly. dont get loud and mean about it even though you probably will want to. hopefully they will understand. i wish you luck.

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What should you do if your a teen and you made your parents mad at you? Ways to make them forgive?
Q: Different ways to convince your parents to forgive you? i already tried the making the dinner, extra chores options. And their not mad because of one mistake, mad because of the general attitude you give them. I know I’m wrong but I need a way to make them forgive me, my life turns to hell literally and nothing goes right when their mad at me.
A: Write them a letter. Honestly. You can put your feelings into words easier without seeing them face to face. When you are alone write them each a letter to let them know how sorry you are and ask them how things can get better.I know what I am talking about. I used to write letters to my teenage sons and they started doing the same to me and their father. It sure helped us.
What do i do when i get mad at my parents to make them feel bad?
Q: Im ever so mad at my parents. What do i do to make them feel bad?
PLEASE HELP! How do I make my parents less mad at me?
Q: ok so i’ve been having a really bad year (grades wise). I checked online today and my final grades arent that good. I promised last time to my parents that I would pull up my grades, but the dropped. I know im going to get yelled at, its unavoidable, but what can I do to make them less mad at me? and to improve me grades for next year?
A: Go to your parents before they get your report card.Sit down with them and explain that your grades were bad in the beginning of the year, and you knew that you told them that they would be better but you are afraid that they are not.Make it really heart felt and try to make them understand that you know you are wrong and that you really will do better next year.That’s about all you can do.At least they will be prepared for the bad grades when they see them and it wont come as a shock.You could also explain the problem to your teachers and ask for something extra credit projects you can do over the next couple of days to try to raise your grades even a little bit. After all a 60 is better than a 58, you know what I mean? or a c is better than a c- however your school’s grading scheme is.
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