What can i do to not be paranoid

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First you must admit you have paranoia, then a doctor would usually prescribe behavioral therapy. You could look into that. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-not-be-paranoid ]
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How to not be paranoid?
Don’t think too much about what the young ones are doing, they wouldn’t be doing it if they knew any better.
I am in an interracial relationship & I am paranoid! Should I…?
I totally understand where your coming from. I am a black woman married to a white man. I’ve had checks thrown at me and and finger print in my mashed potatoes. Even with those things happening I don’t stay in the house or stop myself from …
How Not To Be Paranoid?
I dunno about you, but being a schizophrenic, my antipsychotics help alot with not being paranoid. That’s what they’re made for! Works well, and I’ve been on alot of different meds. I dunno what methods you were speaking of, so sorry if I g…

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Paranoid ?
Q: I want to know if this is normal or not…..whenever i ride in the car with someone, I get so nervous that other people are going to switch lanes, not stop at stop signs, cut the driver off, etc. and end up hitting the car.I feel really paranoid about it and it stresses me out so much!please tell me if this is normal…if its not how can i fix it?
A: Sounds like you have received an engram from being in an accident or near miss. (Meaning, you’ve been conditioned to feel nervous at those points so that you avoid being in danger – it’s an interesting evolutionary quirk. Write me if you want to know more about that).Based on the above, YES, it’s normal. Otherwise, no.Listen, I drive 80,000 lbs. of truck over the ice, snow, and through buckets of rain from a tornado using a manual transmission and unresponsive air-brakes. And if there’s one thing I can tell you about being safe it’s this:Make sure you’ve got more than enough following distance. (How to calculate this is in your local DMV Driver’s Manual).And make sure you give US enough distance, because if you don’t and you brake, we won’t be able to stop in time.
Q: I have realized I am totally paranoid about my apperance, please dont give me bull about vanity, I cant help being self concious.Every week I have something new I dislike about myself.This week I have under eye wrinkles. Last week my nose was asymmetrical.The other week my skin was saggy. Sometimes I feel to fat other times I feel to thin. Its easier said then done not to concentrate on your flaws but the thing is half of theese flaws I am seeing I know they are not actually there.Every time I look in the mirror I find about 100 flaws looking back at me , the sad thing is im 17.
A: You might just insist your flaws upon yourself. Relax, everyone feels that way when they are your age. Don’t worry, just make sure you realize whats really important in life.
How can my friend stop being so paranoid?
Q: We all think my friend is paranoid. Everyone tells him he is paranoid. However, he doesn’t think he’s all that paranoid. Rather, the thinks he has a high perception of people. He states how many times he has been right about things. Yet we still think he’s paranoid. How my friend stop being paranoid?People he works with says he’s paranoid.Friends say he’s paranoid.He always thinks people are saying bad things about him. He think’s bosses don’t like him. BUT HE IS RIGHT!
A: 1. tell him to take it as a fact that there is no privacy in the modern society, everybody is exposed for others to observe / judge 2. tell him to measure his deeds by his personal rules of conduct regardless of what other people think3. people can say whatever they want or feel like at a given time, they could reverse their opinion in a moment, they never have enough information to make a truly accurate judgment.. so, who cares what they think? their rumbling is a random noise, which should never be taken seriously for a follow up action. Tell your friend to relax and enjoy the conversation, regardless who is right and who is wrong.
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