What can you do when you get jealous

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Jealousy can spark emotions such as fear or anger. Know what’s causing you to feel the way you do. Talk about (MORE) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-when-you-get-jealous ]
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What do you get jealous of?
people that always seem in control and never make a mistake…well at least while the whole world isn’t watching i bet their on something…their so perfect
Why do people get jealous ?
Okay, why do people feel happy, sad, or angry? Why do we feel anything? Because we’re human. Jealousy is just an emotion that humans were designed to feel. I’m sure other creatures can feel it too in some ways. I think it’s a very wasted …
How do i get over jealousy?
At some point of time we had all been there and still be there from time to time. It is not only with close family memebers that this happen but sometimes with spouses, friends, colleagues as well. The best thing to do is buy something th…

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how do you know when its time for divorce?
Q: i dont feel any spark between my husband and i anymore. im never happy coming home and feel like he talks down to me. he never helps me with anything around the house or with our son, and lately seems short with me. things that used to make me jealous (like a naked woman in a movie) i could care less about anymore. i find myself hoping he finds another woman so we can both part on good terms… am i wrong to want to leave or should i try and work something out?
A: Both, love and hate are feelings, but once you get to a point when you don’t care anymore, you know it’s over.
stay at home mommies with college degrees – do you ever feel down sometimes, when you run into an old college?
Q: friend with a career (that you were supposed to share!)?? Like.. i dunno. Once in awhile ill feel this way. i have a degree in teaching but chose to give it up for awhile to stay at home with my boy. sometimes when i see people with their students or their classrooms all set up, i get jealous. Does anyone else feel like this?? Of course it doesn’t last for long because i know how blessed i am to be able to have an opportunity to be a sahm for awhile… does anyone else feel the same sometimes? How do you handle it? …like, i feel that sometimes people look at me and think i threw away my education and will now just be a *bum* ….
A: I totally understand your feelings. I have a college degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. I was very involved in my career when I fell pregnant (the best blessing ever!). At the time I was assistant director of a DV shelter.The pregnancy wa unplanned. My husband and I had thought that we would work in our careers for a few years and then I would return to school to get my MSW. However, as I mentioned a became pregnant… I was just starting to built a good strong network… I returned to work exactly 8 weeks after having my daughter but then quit five months later to become a SAHM. I had a difficult time adjusting for several reasons. 1) I lost my identity2) I felt like a studied for absolutely nothing, meaning that after becoming a SAHM my job description consisted of feeding baby, cooking and cleaning 3) Many of my friends moved on to become successful at what they did and some even enrolled in graduate school…. All those reasons were some of the things that depressed me. I wa actually in a depressive mood for about two months until I had a light bulb moment and realized how lucky I was to have the opportunity to stay home to raise my child. In fact, while being a SAHM I decided to get pregnant again (just had my second baby in June)”How do you handle it?” I’ve been involved with the community. I became a volunteer for another non profit agency. I volunteer 3 hours a week. It’s great because it gives me an oopportunityto use my skills and at the same time “network” which to me is very important. I also just started a 16 hour part-time job that I just started in the evenings. It has absolutely nothing to do with my major but it’s definitely in another area of interested (adult education).Perhaps that’s something you can do… organize/create a playgroup, volunteer and take up an unpaid/paid position, look for a part-time job. I know it’s difficult to see other “moving on” while you feel that you are stuck in a being home with your child and not using your skills how you intended to. You must uunderstand that being a SAHM (as you may know) requires a lot of time management. It’s the most hardest job in the world but the most rewarding as well ( I know you already know that)Those that are ‘educated’ will know that you are certainly not a “bum”. As a matter of fact, I hope they take the time to applaud you for making the choice to “raise your child” not a daycare center (no offense to anyone btw)
Do you get ever get jealous when your new guy/girl finds celebrities/singers sexy?
Q: I don’t mean really jealous but just like a pang of jealousy if your man/girl says, “Damn, so-and-so is hot!”
A: Yes very. Although me and my girlfriend realise this and don’t really say anything.
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