What causes people to be OCD

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Researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Thanks for texting ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-people-to-be-ocd ]
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What causes people to develop OCD ?
Doctors and scientists don’t know exactly what causes OCD, although recent research has brought better understanding about OCD and what causes it. Before that, OCD was thought to be difficult to treat, but now it’s a lot easier. Experts bel…
What causes people to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders)??
Where i use to work i meet a few in the grounds and have a chat with them . The link below was given to me by one of the senior staff OCD has three main parts:・ 1. the thoughts that make you anxious (obsessions); ・ 2. the anxiety you feel; …
Does Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder cause people to become lazy ? …?
It doesn’t have anything to do with laziness. It has to do with obsessions (they worry constantly over and over) and compulsions (carrying out taskts to ease the worrying.) An example would be a person with OCD worrying all the time that th…

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What causes OCD? And why does it cause people to act the way they do?
A: Because it has something to do with like the nerve of your brain so whatever you feel unsuitable about, you must do it to make yourself feel better. It is like something you must do everyday in order to live your life. It makes them unstable and ‘obsessive, compulsive’.
What causes people to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders)?
Q: Like washing all the time, or shopping even when they don’t need anything.
A: This link to the Mind website offers easy to read and understand information.Understanding OCD:http://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklets/Understanding/Understanding+obsessive-compulsive+disorder.htmThis will give you an insight into the illness.
What causes people to develop OCD ?
Q: what kinds of things usually and how is it cured?why so?Thanks for your answers!
A: Doctors and scientists don’t know exactly what causes OCD, although recent research has brought better understanding about OCD and what causes it. Before that, OCD was thought to be difficult to treat, but now it’s a lot easier.Experts believe OCD is related to levels of a normal chemical in the brain called serotonin. When the proper flow of serotonin is blocked, the brain’s “alarm system” overreacts and misinterprets information. Danger messages are mistakenly triggered like “false alarms.” Instead of the brain filtering out these unnecessary thoughts, the mind dwells on them — and the person experiences unrealistic fear and doubt.Evidence is strong that OCD tends to run in families. Many people with OCD have one or more family members who also have it or other anxiety disorders influenced by the brain’s serotonin levels. Because of this, scientists have come to believe that the tendency (or predisposition) for someone to develop the serotonin imbalance that causes OCD can be inherited through a person’s genes.Having the genetic tendency for OCD doesn’t mean people will develop OCD, but it means there is a stronger chance they might. An imbalance of serotonin levels can also result in other types of anxiety or depression.OCD affects people of all ages. It often begins during childhood. Some adults with OCD say their symptoms started when they were kids, but that their condition didn’t get recognized or treated until they were grown. That could be because they didn’t tell anyone about their symptoms, or because when they were younger, people were less aware of OCD and how to treat it.Doctors used to think OCD was rare and untreatable, but now much more is known. As many as 1 in 100 children have OCD. Although there is no cure yet, with proper treatment most people can live free of its symptoms.HOW OCD IS CURED – A type of talk therapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) offers specific methods, called exposure and ritual (or response) prevention that work for people with OCD.CBT helps people to learn to use the power of their own behavior to change their thoughts and feelings for the better. First, a person learns how OCD works — how giving in to compulsions makes OCD stronger and how resisting compulsions makes OCD weaker. Exposure therapy and ritual prevention allow someone to face their fears in a safe way, little by little, without doing compulsions. Therapists who treat OCD teach people new ways to react to worries and fear without doing rituals.This type of therapy actually helps “reset” the brain’s mechanisms that trigger obsessions and compulsions. At first, it can seem hard to stop doing rituals, but eventually people feel safe and stronger about dealing with their obsessions and compulsions.Overcoming OCD is not a fast or easy process. It takes patience, practice, and hard work. People with OCD usually go to therapy about once or twice a week for a while, then less often as they begin to get better. Sometimes the doctor may also prescribe medications to help with symptoms.Feeling better can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. For many teens with OCD, the symptoms may get better for a time and then might get worse during stressful events in their lives. But learning how to deal with OCD makes it easier to take care of it if there is a flare-up. Lots of people with OCD find that support groups can help them feel less alone and let them make friends with others who understand and are living with the same challenges.
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