What causes procrastination

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Procrastinators come from households with an authoritarian father, men who are cold and stern. Their children turn to putting MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-procrastination ]
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Procrastination…a choice you make. The rest of it, self-worth issues.
Usually, when people procrastination, and we all do at times, it is because it serves to avoid unpleasant feelings. This may not be obvious, because often the procrastination is successful in keeping us from feeling the emotion. The way to …
Procrastination is an experience common to nearly every human being. The most common causes of procrastionation are: The task to be completed is deemed uninterseting, too easy, or pointless The task is deemed to be too difficult or take too…

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What are the causes leading to procrastination?
Q: im a 15 year old male, going to an elitist school and having severe procrastination areas, i never had to do much work but now i have to, most of the time i am trying to avoid work. Can anyone pls analyze and tell me the causes so i can understand
A: Maybe you do better under pressure, that’s why you put it off. If your not getting the grades then you have to change things, move up your deadline and stick to it. Procrastination is normal but you have to know your limits. Good luck!
What are the actual psychological causes of procrastination?
Q: I’m hoping to hear serious answers, preferrably by people who have studied some psychology. “Laziness” is not a serious answer. There must be some genuine psychological reason behind it, especially when the person really wants to complete a task but they just can’t seem to start it.Everyone procrastinates, of course, from time to time. And usually the reason is just that they don’t want to do whatever it is they’re putting it off. But is there some deeper psychological issue that they might have if their procrastination is really problematic?
A: I think for me its the anxiety of it all. Sometimes certain tasks seem so big to me that I don’t know where to start. I’m am so bad about waiting until the last minute and you know who is irritated the most?…. me, of course me..lol I think ive gotten worse as I age because certain tasks don’t seem to give me a positive effect. I clean the house top to bottom for it only to be trashed by the kids 2 hours later. I need to go pay a bill so that next month they can send another. Things of that nature. But I do them because I see the big picture. I think my plate is full and I don’t have room for other things in life sometimes. I do notice that when I start getting things done I continue until I drop. When I get a positive effect, I keep going. Anyhow…just food for thought and to step into the mind of this procrastinator. :)* Oh and seeking perfection, if I cant get it perfect, then I dont want to attempt it.*
What are the root causes of procrastination and how can I overcome it?
Q: Please give me some tips for getting procrastination out of my life. Thanks guys
A: Yeah, I think I’ll watch this one and get back to you after I think on it for a while.Seriously, I think it stems from the inability or unwillingness to make a decision. You need to force yourself into a ‘just do it’ mentality. For better or worse- get it done! Good luck
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