What causes someone to have deja vu

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One possibility is the mismatch by the brain in its continuous attempt to create whole sensical pictures of small pieces of info. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-someone-to-have-deja-vu ]
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Can someone tell me what exactly a deja vu is and what causes it….?
deja vu is a condition, where you feel like you have been there before. The exact situation you are in presently happens again. Scientists have put forth the idea that actually what is happening is that people are experiencing a temporary b…

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what is deja vu and what causes it?
Q: Sometimes I experience events that seems oddly familiar. People say that I might be having deja vu.. what is that? and what causes deja vu?
A: Deja vu is when you feel like you’ve experienced something before. It can be triggered by looking at something that should be new but looks familiar, or even having a conversation that you thought you’ve had exactly before. I don’t really understand it because when I’ve had deja vu it’s always very strong. Like I’ve definitely seen this before, no doubt about it. Leave it to your imagination…
What do you think causes deja vu and what does it mean?
Q: I know what it feels like and the definition but just why do you think it happens and all.
A: Deja vu is the ‘spiritual residue’ of a significant past experience that rises to the surface at random moments to help you to remember not to repeat mistakes you made in a past life.
what causes deja vu to happen? how does it happen?
Q: i swear i’ve experience deja vu many times and i really want to know why it happens and what causes it to happen and how it happens
A: wait, i think i’ve read this question before!
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