What colors make you hungry

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As a warm color orange is a stimulant – stimulating the emotions and even the appetite. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-colors-make-you-hungry ]
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What color makes you hungry and why?
Cool question. It varies for different people as far as direct responses to colours, so that’s a bit hard. However, look around at various restaurants and you will get an overall idea… those who want great turnover, e.g,. hamburger places…
Which colors make you hungry?
scientifically, red and yellow are the colors that make people hungry I’ve personally never noticed a color making me hungry, though…
What color makes you feel hungry?
mother nature is a funny old women…in nature all bright coloured plants are designed to makle animals want to eat them… dull and ugliy looking colors are meant not to be eaten…like black/. brown/ yellow.s so to answer your question …..

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Why do colors make us feel hungry, calm, or sleepy?
Q: I heard that the colors red and yellow make us hungry…blue for calm…and purple for sleepy. Is this true?
A: I guess so, that’s why Mcdonalds is Red and Yellow
What colors make you hungry?
Q: What are the best colors to deter wanting to eat
A: There are no particular colors that make me hungry or draw me to a certain food. Research says that people are attracted to the color red and that they prefer red foods or foods packaged in red but that doesn’t work with me.SAC
Why do the colors Red, Yellow and Blue make us hungry?
Q: Why do colors change our moods? What is it about Red, Yellow and Blue that suddenly curbs our appetite?
A: it is proven that especial yellow make you hungry, I’ve always heard that blue make you less hungry and more sad, purple make you sleep better, red wakes you up and make you move faster. thats why miccy d’s is all red and yellow, they want you to eat moe and move out faster. strangly enough peptobismol pink is the most calming of all color, they put it in mental places and such.i’m not sure exeactly why but i know that red speeds up your blood flow and heart rate.
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