What do babies think about

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Babies as young as five months old make distinctions about categories that their parents do not, revealing new information..More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-babies-think-about ]
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Babies think about everything any other people think about. They just don’t talk about it. Babies think about everything any other people think about. They just don’t talk about it.
I remember being a baby. I remember a lot of the thoughts I had when I was young, surprisingly. I remember before I could speak, in my crib I would see the adults and think to myself … am I really going to be as big as them? Other thin…
it is now possible to literally read the minds of infants. Despite the potential “brain drain” risks reported in a recent Newsweek covers story (one test child was rendered so mindless he is now mistaken almost daily for Maury P…

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What do you think about bumpers and face up to wake up for babies?
Q: They have said that the number of SIDs cases have gone down tremendously since people have been putting their babies to sleep on their backs without crib bumpers. What do you think about this? How were you put to sleep as a baby?
A: If i was put on my stomach I am grateful to be here now. i can’t ask my mom because she has passed on. I am glad that SIDS is on the decline however. There is nothing more precious in this world than a child
What do you think about babies getting their ears pierced?
Q: Do you reckon its a good thing to get your babies ears peirced soon after birth or do you disagree seeing babies like that?Personally I hate it, because I reckon it should be the childs choice not the parent and I dont know how a parent could be ok with people their baby in pain just to “look good” I know a lot of mothers that think its bad enough watching their baby get blood testsWhats your view on this?
A: I think any non-reconstructive body modifications should be left up to the owner of the body. Ear piercing is not a major one, but it’s not nececessary, and in my opinion should be left up to the person who will live in that body for the rest of their life, and may or may not want it done.
What do you think about the Woman giving birth to 8 babies?
Q: You know she already had 6. Today’s news said the hospital has submitted a bill to Medicad for 1.4 MILLION dollars for the birth. What do you think about this woman that has no job, no money, is on welfare and is living with her parents in Whittier, California? Do you think this is one reason why California is on the verge of bankruptcy?
A: I think she’s an idiot. someone needs to remove her ovaries. seriously, if you have 6 kids and cant even take care of them, why on earth would you want more? WTF? she needs to start using more of her brain than just the stem. stop trying to freeload off of society because you’re a stupid fucking cunt! put the kids up for adoption, get a job, move out of your parents house, and stop having babies! I am so upset that it is illegal to shoot stupid people. Im sorry but this issue really makes my blood pressure rise. !!! i could go on and on about this forever but I cant cause I need to get ready to go out with my love. so…*sigh* shes SO STUPID! OMG!
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