What do developmental psychologists study

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Developmental psychologists study the physiological, cognitive, and social development that takes place throughout life. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-developmental-psychologists-study ]
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What school has a great child psychology program?
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What three general areas of human growth do developmental psychol…?
OK…Google or ask.com is a good place to start. Jean Piaget Albert Bandura Eric Erickson Carol Gilligan These names will give you all the information you need to know.
How do psychologists study the degree to which development is a j…?
Developmental psychology is the branch of psychology that studies growth and change throughout life. One fundamental question is how much developmental change is due to nature– heredity factors– and how much to nurture– environmental fac…

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what three general areas of human growth do developmental psychologists study through the human life span?
A: OK…Google or ask.com is a good place to start.Jean PiagetAlbert BanduraEric EricksonCarol Gilligan These names will give you all the information you need to know.
I am interested in becoming a developmental or clinical psychologist, what are some good, low cost schools?
Q: I am a Caribbean resident. I have finished an associate degree program in a community college in my area. Majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Math. I enjoy helping people through councelling and studying how people react to different stimuli. I want to become a clinical or developmental psychologist, by the age of 27. I am now 20. Can anyone help me?
A: Go to http://www.educationplanner.com and do their undergraduate search. They have a Caribbean search, and you can put in what price you’re willing to pay, selectivity, etc.
Psychology Multiple Choice Question — EASY ?
Q: 2. The products of naturalistic observation are best described in terms ofa.explanation.b.theory.c.prediction.d.description.3. A psychologist who studies family dynamics and their effects on behavior of individuals in different regions would probably be a __________ psychologist.a.learningb.culturalc.developmentald.cognitive4. A psychologist observes the confrontation between two rival neighborhood gangs from the window of an abandoned building. This method of collecting observations is best described asa.experimental regression.b.naturalistic observation.c.controlled experimentation.d.clinical case study.5. Which of the following is considered a disadvantage of naturalistic observation?a.It provides an overabundance of information.b.It deals with behavior not tampered with by outside influences.c.It limits biased observations through careful record keeping.d.It does not identify the cause of observed behavior.6. To prevent ethical abuse in psychological research, the APA has suggested thata.psychologists must treat all subjects with respect and concern for the subject’s dignity.b.psychologists must avoid deception with using human subjects.c.all data collected from a person must be made public.d.all psychological harm to subjects must be corrected by counseling.7. Three major ethical concerns of psychological researchers are deception, lasting harm to subjects, anda.morality of the question under investigation.b.loss of future research possibilities.c.falsified results.d.invasion of privacy.8. Basic ethical guidelines for psychological researchers includea.ensuring that participation is involuntary.b.harming the subjects when necessary.c.minimizing confidentiality.d.providing results and interpretations to participants.9. One of the limitations of the survey method isa.observer bias.b.that it sets up an artificial situation.c.that replies may not be accurate.d.the self-fulfilling prophecy.10. The survey method involvesa.an in-depth study of the opinions and attitudes of a selected individual.b.an overview of the attitudes and backgrounds of selected groups.c.direct observation and recording of a representative sample of behavior.d.careful questioning of a representative sample of people.11. Giving placebos in drug experiments is necessary toa.counteract the random assignment of subjects.b.counteract the side effects of the drug.c.control for the effects of suggestion and expectation.d.keep control subjects from knowing they have been given the drug.12. One of the limitations of the case study is thata.there are few subjects for which it is applicable.b.there are no control groups.c.it is not applicable to the study of bizarre behavior.d.it requires a large and expensive sample size.13. A scientist wants to find out if there is empirical evidence for a relationship between caffeine and aggressive behavior. She woulda.interview people to get their opinions.b.correlate newspaper accounts and the types of beverages consumed.c.test the idea by conducting an experiment.d.research what other experts had thought.14. In a weight-reduction experiment, an overweight individual was given what the researcher called a new type of diet pill that would help curb the desire to eat. In fact, the pill really contained powdered milk, but ever since the individual started taking the diet pill, he has reported that his desire to eat has decreased. This illustrates thea.curvilinear relationship.b.effect of extraneous variables.c.natural experiment.d.placebo effect.15. An educated guess about what is controlling some behavior is calleda.b.a hypothesis.c.d.16. Responding to a substance like a sugar pill as if it were a drug is calleda.the placebo effect.b.an extraneous factor.c.variability.d.psychosomatic illness.17. “I am primarily interested in thinking processes; I am a __________ psychologist.”a.cognitiveb.learningc.perceptiond.personality18. Brain mechanisms involved in hunger and thirst would most likely be studied by aa.personality theorist.b.sensory psychologist.c.learning theorist.d.biopsychologist.19. Freud believed that all thoughts and actions are determined bya.the first year of life.b.forces in the personality that are often unconscious.c.needs for love and self-esteem.d.the drive for self-actualization 20. Which area in psychology would be most likely to study the phenomenon of “peer influence”?a.socialb.comparativec.physiologicald.school21. Developmental psychologists study the effects of __________ on behavior.a.marketingb.learning disabilitiesc.agingd.robotics22. Freud stressed the role of __________ in shaping our personalities.a.the
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